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Quinoa Meat Substitute: Is Quinoa a Good Alternative for Meat

Chickpea and Quinoa Meat Substitute

Chickpea and Quinoa Meat Substitute

Chickpea broth is very similar to chicken broth, it makes a rich and hearty soup, just like on meat. This is because chickpeas contain about 20 grams of protein, and also quite a lot of calcium and phosphorus. He perfectly compensates for the lack of dairy products in the diet. Another advantage: chickpeas are a universal product, they are used to making soups, prepare main dishes, and make sweets. There are also disadvantages: before cooking, it must be soaked for several hours and then cooked for a long time. And do not forget to supplement with vegetable dishes so that the protein is better absorbed.

Can I Substitute Quinoa for Meat

Can I Substitute Quinoa for Meat

Everyone considers it a cereal, but in fact, like buckwheat, quinoa meat substitute is a relative of vegetables. The advantage of quinoa is that proteins and nutrients from this cereal are completely absorbed. There are many minerals and vitamins in it: vitamins A, C, E, and group B, potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper. Quinoa contains more riboflavin, fiber, complex carbohydrates, and folate than wheat, barley, and rice. Unfortunately, quinoa is not yet very popular and is not very common in our stores.

The protein present in the product is completely complete and in its quality and uniqueness does not differ from the protein found in cow’s milk, in addition, there are more proteins here than in other products.

Is Quinoa a Meat Substitute

To formulate the correct diet without meat, the individual needs of a person for protein should be determined. This indicator is easy to calculate. For example, take the average person over the age of nineteen, who leads a sedentary lifestyle and tries to make time for fitness every day. So, body weight has a pronounced effect on the needs of the body. The required coefficient, in this case, is 0.79. For people aged 15-18, this figure is 0.88. This number should be divided by the numerical value of your weight. Is quinoa a substitute for meat? For example, a person from nineteen years old, weighing sixty kilograms, in order to maintain normal health, must consume 47.4 grams of protein daily. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the body of such people requires completely different amounts of nutrients, in contrast to those who live in conditions of serious sports or experience severe physical overload at work.

Diy Meat Substitute Quinoa Bean

Quinoa can be a completely independent food, and a base for casseroles, cutlets, and muffins. True, you can’t blind anything from this cereal alone, it’s too crumbly. Therefore, in cutlets, quinoa appears in tandem with more viscous products – for example, you can fasten the cereals with eggs, but this will no longer be vegan, although it will work for vegetarians. A cleaner genre is to combine minced quinoa with something also a vegetable. Flaxseed works well here, lentils are not bad as a base. Chickpeas are generally perfect: their nutty flavor goes well with the herbaceous notes of American cereal.

Is Quinoa a Good Substitute for Meat

Quinoa for vegetarians is real manna from heaven. There is as much protein in it as in chicken, and more calcium than even in cottage cheese. Plus a significant amount of the amino acid lysine, which helps calcium to be absorbed. Although quinoa can be used to bake tortillas, pancakes, and lentil quinoa taco filling, it is gluten-free. And this is the case when healthy food is also interesting. You can fall in love with quinoa for only one unusual texture, reminiscent of eggs. Here’s the most boring thing – vegetarian cutlets. But it is worth adding a little boiled quinoa to them, as due to precisely these bubbles bursting on the tongue in the banalest cutlets, the charm of novelty appears.

Quinoa Taco Recipe

Quinoa Taco Recipe

Another recipe for a dish with quinoa substitute for meat will help to dilute the gray days with a bright dish.¬†And it sounds exotic, “taco“.¬†For those who are not familiar with this dish, I will inform you that this is one of the representatives of Mexican cuisine.¬†And in the classic version, it is something similar to the now-known shawarma. That is, a corn or wheat cake (originally called a tortilla) and, most importantly, the quinoa taco filling inside.¬†It can be both meat and vegetable.¬†Today we are going to learn how to make homemade tacos with quinoa and black beans.¬†I am sure you will not regret it when you taste the Mexican tacos made according to this recipe.¬†

Quinoa Taco Filling Recipe

All ingredients for quinoa taco filling are easy to find in the nearest stores.¬†The quinoa-based meat substitute takes a cue from traditional ground beef fillings but offers a lot of plant-based protein and fiber. To enhance the taste, fill it with a creamy, spicy avocado sauce and sprinkle it with a chopped green salad.¬†Want more exotic?¬†Additionally, add to quinoa taco meat some marinated jalape√Īo peppers and some crumbled feta cheese.¬†And, as they say, woo √† la!¬†You can conquer the hearts and stomachs of your guests or loved ones.

Quinoa Based Meat Substitute Brand

Viva Naturals Royal Quinoa is the best brand of quinoa which has a lot of good reviews.

We also remind you that it is recommended to store the bag of open quinoa in a dark and cool place. The taste of cereals is also influenced by the fact that it is able to absorb odors – plus, with long storage of an open pack, the bitter taste may become more noticeable.

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