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Ramsay’s Transition to Vegan Cuisine and the Launch of New Plant-Based Dishes on the Menu

Gordon Ramsay

Britain’s famous chef Gordon Ramsay has just opened his first restaurant in Chicago. He decided that vegan burgers should be on the menu. As you know, the master used to be against the vegan movement and criticized his colleagues in every way, but now things are different. Ramsay’s restaurant, named Gordon Ramsay Burger, consists of eight signature burger recipes, one of which is the new Vegan Burger.

This all-plant burger consists of a vegan patty, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and egg-free garlic mayo and is served on a vegan bun. The cutlet for this dish can also be substituted in any of the other burgers for an additional $6.

As a big fan of Chicago and its culinary traditions, the chef is honored to have a restaurant there. Ramsay is already looking forward to treating Chicagoans to his signature burger and some very tasty variations.

The first Gordon Ramsay Burger opened at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas in 2012. Since then, the menu has been seriously revamped with the introduction of the Viva Vegan burger, and any signature burger can be replaced with a plant-based patty.

Gordon Ramsay has Reconsidered his Views

Plant-Based Dishes on the Menu

Until 2018, Ramsay joked about vegans and once claimed he was allergic to them. But as the trend for plant-based eating gained momentum, Ramsay dramatically changed his views. In 2018, he decided to try veganism for the first time. That’s when he added animal-free eggplant pizza to his Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza restaurant in London.

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