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Recent Research Shows That Mushrooms Should Be Consumed to Reduce The Risk of Depression

Mushrooms Are the Antidepressants

According to recent statements by scientists from the Journal of Affective Disorders, mushrooms are essential for humanity.

Those who regularly consume this product are less likely to experience bad moods and depression.

The Сourse of the Research

Experts from Pennsylvania State University used dietary and mental health knowledge collected from more than 24,000 American adults between 2005 and 2016. It took them quite a while to collect and process the information. But the results were worth it!

Mushrooms contain many bioactive compounds that may be linked to reducing anxiety states. Vitamin B12, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances can all be found in one product.

Now scientists have announced that mushroom consumption is associated with a lower risk of depression.

First of all, mushrooms have in them an anti-inflammatory substance that the human body cannot produce on its own. High levels of such substances can reduce the risk of oxidative stress, which can also reduce symptoms of anxiety.

The ages of those who participated in the study paired up to 45 years of age. Nearly 70 percent of the subjects were white, and 30 percent were Hispanic. In the study, researchers noted a link between mushroom consumption and a lower likelihood of depression. It’s not hard to guess, though, that high consumption of any product doesn’t carry additional benefits.

Replacing Meat with Mushrooms for Vegans

The research team did another job. The point was to study replacing animal meat with a small portion of mushrooms every day.

The results showed that the substitution had an effect on reducing the risk of depression.

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