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Soy Yogurt Recipe

Cooking time

10 min

Portion number

3 portions

making soy yogurt

Vegans can too enjoy the delicious taste of a velvety smooth and silky yogurt by making soy yogurt as a plant-based alternative. Homemade soy milk yogurt uses soy milk as a dairy substitute to create the same texture and flavor you would find in a regular store-bought yogurt. There are many silk soy milk recipes already manufactured and produced and can be purchased in almost any supermarket nowadays, which is an amazing transition for the vegan world and community and now I will show you how to make soya milk yogurt at home!

How to Make Soy Yogurt?

A traditional soy milk yogurt recipe is made by fermenting soy milk with a bacterium that forms the curdled and thick texture found in yogurt. It is a very similar process to how regular dairy-filled yogurt is made but with the substitution of soya milk as a cruelty-free alternative. Fortunately, this process can easily be recreated at home and although may sound complicated in fact it is pretty easy and classed as a labor of love process. By making your very own soy yogurt recipe you are ensured that there are no preservatives or unnecessary additional ingredients, making it as natural as possible with all the same great flavor.

Easy Soy Yogurt Recipe

The first step to creating your very own soy yogurt is to gather the ingredients needed for the process.


  • 1 carton of soy milk (unsweetened and as little ingredients as you can find)
  • 5 probiotic capsules or store-bought soy yogurt to use to begin the fermentation process.
  • Vanilla extract (optional for taste)


  1. Pour your carton of soya milk into a pot and heat on the stove until it reaches between 43-48’C.
  2. Transfer your heated milk into a bowl or container of your choice
  3. Add your fermentation starter which can either be ¼ cup of store-bought soy yogurt or your probiotic and stir until all is completely blended and well combined
  4. Add your vanilla extract to taste and mix again
  5. Now we need to create a sort of warm incubator for our mixture, either you can use an instant pot which contains yogurt settings and needs to be timed for 12 hours, if not you can also use your oven by simply setting it to its maximum highest temperature for around 2 minutes and then shut it off, leaving a warm space for your yogurt.
  6. Place your bowl in the oven and let it sit for around four hours
  7. Repeat this step again by turning up the oven and then switching it off and allowing your bowl of the mixture to sit for another 4 hours or even overnight.
  8. And now your yogurt should successfully have completed the fermentation process and is ready to be consumed.
  9. You can now add sugar for a sweeter version and top it will fruit and granola for a delicious breakfast meal.

And just like that, you have yourself a delicious and nutritious homemade soya yogurt, ding fruit such as strawberries and blueberries are a great way to enhance the flavor and is best enjoyed cold and straight out of the fridge.

Best Vegan Yogurts

soy milk yogurt recipe

If this process is not quite what you’re looking for then don’t worry because there are many already made vegan yogurts available for you to enjoy directly.

  • Nancy’s plain soy yogurt- an unsweetened and natural yogurt that is completely organic and delicious in flavor with a creamy and smooth texture.
  • Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk yogurt- another dairy-free alternative made with almond milk is silky smooth with a hint of sweet vanilla and full of important vitamins and minerals essential for good gut health.
  • So Delicious unsweetened coconut yogurt- Made from coconut milk, comes in many different flavors and contains a pretty impressive amount of vitamin B12.
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