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Is Suede Vegan? Everything You Need To Know What Is Suede Made of

Is Suede Vegan

Being vegan is a choice of lifestyle and stretches far beyond the dietary requirements. Cruelty-free, plant-based, and vegan means that one chooses to live a life in switch they consume no animal products or products that have used animals in any processes. This is true for the food they consume but also for the materials, items, and products they purchase, use and wear. What about the clothes we wear, the sheets we sleep in, and the couches we sit on? These count too, and vegan suede is the latest and greatest trend to hit the market. The truth is there is a lot of information that is hidden from us, and we are told to believe things that are not necessarily true, and I am here to uncover the hidden secrets behind the definition of suede.

What Is Suede Material?

What Is Suede Made of

Suede believes it r not is actually a type of leather. It is not the leather we are used to as it does not have that hard exterior we normally see. Instead, suede is actually relatively soft and almost fuzzy in a way. It is made from a different part of the animal than normal leather and thus represents its unique texture. The use of suede originated in France when fashion first came to glory. It was seen as a prestigious material and was widely used to make items such as jackets, shoes, furniture, purses, and gloves which still exist today. Suede is very appealing due to its soft-to-touch texture, which is what often encompasses people who choose the product.

Is Suede Vegan?

What Is Suede Material

So how is suede made and is it vegan? I’m sure you have all heard that leather is strongly prohibited in the vegan community due to the fact that it is made by killing animals. Well, unfortunately, the same goes for suede. Suede is actually made by using the underside section of the skin from animals. The animals that are used and harmed in his process include goats, lambs, pigs, calves, and even deer. Wearing, purchasing, or investing in a product such as suede is the exact same as eating it, as you are still part of the consumption of animals or their by-products.

Sadly the industry is very cruel, harsh, and secretive and the more we refrain from adding to the demand the lower the consumption of animals will become. To make suede it all starts with the animals which are first slaughtered and then skinned. It is then hung and dried, and its hair follicles are removed by using a harsh chemical known as lime. The hide is then turned into the leather using tennis, which is a type of enzyme. It is then treated with salt and oils and spilled, separating the two sides. The underside will be used to make the suede products we see in stores, and the other will be used to make real leather.

What Is Vegan Suede?

What Is Vegan Suede

So is microsuede vegan? You may have heard the word microsuede floating around, especially as the weather has begun to get colder and everyone is looking for the warmth of new clothing and covering products. Well, what if I told you could get the same quality and texture as regular suede but in a vegan and ethically made way. Just like faux leather, the same recreation is made for suede. It is done by using natural plant-based products to create something of the same feel and look like the original product.

And while it may be fake, it is a whole lot better for the environment and the sustainability of our future. Unfortunately, while these newly designed copy products are in fact fully vegan, they are not the best for the planet but better than buying suede. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Vegan suede is made by using materials that mostly include plastics such as polyvinyl chloride and polyurethane, as well as petroleum and chemicals that help you represent the qualities seen in real suede leather.

Now that you have learned all about suede, what is suede made of, where it comes from and why we choose you to avoid it as vegans you have a better understanding of making your own decisions.

The truth is that there are so many amazing plant-based materials u there that are vegan friendly and do not use animal cruelty in the making. To save our planet and protect our environment for sustaining a better, healthier, and brighter future, we need to stay as far away as possible from the fast fashion industry. I urge you to invest in recycled fashion products and well second-hand and fully independent vegan stores.

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