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Sunflower Butter

sunflower butter

Sunflower butter has become one of the more common alternative for vegans. Over the last few years, there was a tremendous decrease in the consumption of dairy products. People started to understand what dairy could cause to their body and health and began to look for plant-based alternatives. Because of this, many companies that sold dairy-based products started to make plant-based alternatives to not lose the customer market.

Ben & Jerry’s which are mostly known for their dairy ice-cream released non-dairy products in February 2016. The ice-cream is almond butter-based and comes in many flavors such as “Chunky Monkey”, “Chocolate Fudge Brownie”, “Coffee Caramel Fudge” and “Peanut Butter & Cookies”.

The non-dairy products were a huge success and were consumed by vegans and non-vegans all around the world. Earlier this year, the company had expanded its non-dairy line products and released 3 more flavors with a change in the recipe. Instead of almond butter, they used sunflower butter which we never thought could be used as an ice-cream base. This is a game-changer because this is the first big company to use this kind of butter.

But what is sunflower butter?

Sunflower butter is made of roasted sunflower seeds. They contain one-third less saturated fat than most peanut butter. Sunbutter also has the same amount of protein, more vitamin E, and no trans fats when compared to leading brands of peanut and tree nut spreads. SunButter is also high in iron, phosphorus, and zinc. Is it better than almond butter though? Well, it depends on what you need for your diet.

Sunflower seed butter has higher quantities of B-vitamins, minerals, and monounsaturated fat. Almond butter has more protein and dietary fiber. Sunbutter has a distinct taste of roasted sunflower seeds. So although it doesn’t taste like peanut butter, it definitely will remind you of peanut butter. You can make a lot of things out of Sunbutter such as cookies, crackers, cakes, and even Ice-cream as mentioned above. So go ahead and try the new butter that everyone talks about, I’m sure you’ll be surprised how good it is.

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