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Terrible Facts Which Meat Industry Hides from You

meat industry

The meat industry is considered an inhumane, dangerous, and catastrophic problem by any non-indifferent person. And its scale of the threat is rising by days due to the overconsumption of animal products. Society consumes more meat-based products than ever and now the meat industry causes irreparable harm to our planet because of mass ignorance and indifference.

There’s a lot to say about the meat industry in general and there’re a lot of facts that meat producers hide from us. The meat industry would have suffered a crisis if publicity would know what’s really going on behind the slaughterhouses’ walls.

Some Meat Industry Facts Are Widely Known While Some of Them Are Still in the Shadow from the Majority of People

  • Tremendous amounts of water are used to water the cattle and raise new generations of meat animals. For example, almost a third of the planet’s freshwater goes to animal farms while private households use only a tenth part of it.
  • A lot of land goes to animal farms. Pristine wildlands and rainforests are being cultivated since there’s no more land to place grazing lands and waste collectors. More than ninety percent of Amazon rainforests were cut down due to the meat industry expansion.
  • Six million animals are killed every hour to feed the Earth population and seventy billion animals are killed annually. A hundred million animals will be killed this year by the fur industry.
  • One hectare of land can provide us with twenty tons of tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables and only with a hundredweight kilos of beef. Such use of land is extremely ineffective and irrational considering the growing human population and the lack of free land.
  • Nearly three million kilos of bio-waste are produced by the US Animal farms per minute. Such waste poisons the land and water bodies while a significant part will be dumped into rivers and oceans.
  • Animal farms emit vast amounts of greenhouse gas and other dangerous chemical compounds into the atmosphere. The meat industry viciously harms the climate and has a greater impact on Global Warming than all transport types combined.
  • Animals live in unsanitary conditions which are a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases. Tremendous amounts of antibiotics are used to prevent possible epidemics and disease spreading. Such treatment makes the final product dangerous for humans.
  • Cruelty towards animals is another question why the meat industry needs serious regulation and downsizing. Animals live their lives in close and dirty pens or cages with no access to fresh air or sunlight.

Such conditions cause aggression and stress behavior among animals making them harm each other and resort to cannibalism. Those animals will be slaughtered painfully to produce low-quality meat products after a few years of life in such inhumane conditions.

The meat industry is a blight on our society and considering the state environmental state and expanding veganism movement, some changes should be and will be done.

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