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The 15th of June: Saorsa 1875 – the First Scottish Fully Vegan Hotel Is Opened

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Today’s day is a momentous day for all Brits and vegans around the world. A new fully vegan hotel was opened in order to provide a cruelty-free and green vacation for all vegans who decided to travel through the Scottish Highlands.

Saorsa 1875 hotel is owned by the McLaren-Stewart family who are vegans. Sandra and John McLaren-Stewart together with their son Jack decided to open a fully vegan hotel to attract more vegan visitors into the Scottish Highlands area.

They’re not so many options for traveling vegans outside the big cities according to the McLaren-Stewart family so the Saorsa 1875 hotel will be one of the kind.

Guests will be welcomed with vegan cuisine ingredients that are grown on family farms and are bought in local markets. All disposable items, staff uniforms, and interior items are certified as cruelty-free.

Vegan tourism became popular as never before since society became more conscious about the environmental harm that the animal farming industry causes to our planet and to the animals.

Saorsa 1875 hotel is situated in an old, Victorian Gothic baronial house enclosed with boreal woods and gardens and has replaced a Birchwood Hotel which was located in the same building for a long time. The hotel’s locations can provide a unique experience based on the local ethnicity of old Scotland and a brand-new approach to the idea of hosting.

Guests can enjoy craft beers, ethnically inspired plant-based food, and local wines sitting next to the fire. The hotel is pet-friendly and offers outdoor adventures, cooking classes, and health and wellness retreats. Saorsa 1875 hotel gains its electricity from the Ecotricity company – the first vegan electricity company which provides cruelty-free electricity.

People can enjoy a cruelty-free vacation in the heart of the Scottish Highlands experiencing unforgettable impressions. Saorsa 1875 hotel fits all by offering the old-fashioned recreation experience along with a brand-new approach that lies in cruelty-free and fully vegan hosting.

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