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The Bel Group Company Now Produces Vegan Snack Cheeses Babybel Wrapped in Green Wax

vegan babybel

The well-known and beloved French cheese brand Bel Group is now releasing a new vegan version of its famous Babybel cheeses. To accurately recreate the classic cheese experience, the vegan mini cheeses are packaged in wax, but instead of the classic red color, these new dairy-free cheeses are covered in flaking green wax. The new Babybel Plant-Based cheeses are officially approved by The Vegan Society. The product is fortified with calcium and B12. 

There has been tremendous demand for the development of Babybel vegan cheeses over the years, and as the market for plant-based cheeses continues to grow, the new launch is perfect to meet consumer demand. 

Babybel’s new vegan cheeses come in time for the launch of the annual Veganuary campaign, which encourages people to become vegan for the entire month of January and beyond. Babybel’s plant-based cheeses are sold in recyclable packaging.  

Bel Group is On the Vegan’s Side

French company Bel Group is well aware of the demand for vegan alternatives to cheese. That’s why the company is working to create plant-based alternatives to its classic cheese products. The launch of Babybel vegan cheeses follows Bel Group’s launch of its first vegan cheese product: the Boursin Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Alternative. The Boursin vegan spread was developed in partnership with iconic vegan brand Follow Your Heart and is made with organic coconut oil and organic expeller-pressed canola oil.

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