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The British Government Has Announced a New Animal Law and to Put More Living Creatures in It

Animal Law and to Put More Living Creatures in It

Sea creatures such as lobsters, octopuses, crabs and more are now under the robust protection of the UK government. A statement from government authorities has found that cephalopod molluscs and ten-legged crustaceans are just as capable of feeling pain as other living creatures. The London School of Economics and Political Science processed and examined 300 scientific studies before determining that these animals are intelligent creatures. Based on the scientific findings, these sea creatures are henceforth included in the future Animal Welfare Bill.

It’s no secret that the UK has always been a leader among the wildlife protection movement. Now they have moved even further beyond what is possible. The country is as much about ensuring the protection of domestic animals as it is about caring for living creatures in the wild and their natural habitats. The animal welfare minister, Lord Zac Goldsmith, said the Animal Welfare Bill was a crucial safeguard to ensure that animal welfare was fairly considered when new laws were drafted.

Scientists have now realised that shellfish can feel pain, so the decision that this vital piece of legislation applies to them is absolutely right.

Outside the UK, cooking clams alive is also banned in Switzerland, New Zealand and the US.

Saving 小lams and 小rustaceans

Saving 小lams and 小rustaceans

Choosing vegan seafood eliminates the need to kill these creatures. Today, the plant-based food industry is growing exponentially, so the market offers many options for a variety of alternatives.

In the US, vegan brand Good Catch is expanding its variety of plant-based seafood, which is made from quality beans and other crops. While seafood from Good Catch hit the shelves in 2019, the brand has now launched its products into well-known restaurants, including traditional chain Long John Silver’s.

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