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The Company’s Director Had Worked with McDonald’s as a Major Customer of Tyson Foods

Beyond Meat is Actively Hiring from Tyson Foods

Beyond Meat, the world’s leading vegan meat company has welcomed a former Tyson Foods executive to its ranks. And it is the second-largest meat company in the world.

The company announced that Doug Ramsey is now the new Chief Financial Officer. Ramsey is also known to have led McDonald’s, one of the company’s most important customers.

At the same time, the company hired Bernie Adcock, who had also previously worked with Ramsey at Tyson Foods.

Beyond Meat is Actively Hiring from Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods

These candidates and their experience are extremely important in scaling Beyond Meat’s production at a high level.

Commercialization is certain to begin in the U.S., Europe, and China, and the long-term goal is to achieve price equilibrium for plant-based meats worldwide.

The founder and CEO of the company are Ethan Brown. He stated that after a long and thorough search, he is pleased to introduce and welcome Doug Ramsey and Bernie Adcock to the team.

Doug and Bernie bring with them proven skills and impressive operational accomplishments in the meat industry.

The company is actively investing in development and growth for the future, as well as strengthening the team’s position in the global marketplace. Facilities are currently under construction around the world to advance the vision of a global protein company of the future.

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