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The First Vegan Hotel «Koukoumi» Will Open on Mykonos Island, Greece

mykonos island

Vegan hotel «Koukoumi» will be opened this summer in one of the most popular tourist areas on Mikonos Island, Greece. «Koukoumi» hotel will be filled with eco-friendly accessories, vegan cuisine, disposable and other interior items.

Hotel’s structure was designed to perfectly fit Greece’s culture and history specificities. Interior was made in the «bohemian-bourgeois» style combined with traditional architecture of the island.

Ancient Mycenaean culture had left a huge mark on the modern Greece architecture and the look of the island and its impact can be witnessed nowadays in the architecture of Greece.

«Koukoumi» hotel follows the principles of kind and cruelty-free life. Founders of the «Koukoumi» hotel believe that development of tourism business is possible without any harm towards environment and living creatures.

Hotel’s services will offer vegan cosmetics, Mediterranean cuisine and vegan interior accessories.

It is not the first time when vegan lifestyle became the doctrine for a company. Many vegan restaurants and cafés were opened in recent years as well as several corporations have introduced vegan dishes and beverages into their menus.

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