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The Top 5 Vegan Bodybuilders in the World


In most cases one wouldn’t particularly assume that veganism and bodybuilding go hand in hand, however contrary to popular belief, there are in fact many famous vegan bodybuilders who have proven that a plant-based diet is not only environmentally friendly and healthy but can help you to achieve your body goals even without the consumption of high protein meat products. Vegan body builders are showing the public that even on a completely plant-based diet one can still maintain enough protein to create the ultimate bodybuilding body and here’s how.

Top Vegan Bodybuilders

top vegan bodybuilders

The best vegan bodybuilders have completely mastered the plant-based diet and its nutrient qualities, they have found the right amounts of the rights foods that can help to achieve the same goals as someone following a meat-derived diet. Some of the strongest vegan bodybuilders include:

Jon Venus

Jon Venus is a fitness guru and trainer who has put himself and his lifestyle online as a youtube where he broadcasts his diet plan and workouts to show others what you can achieve on a vegan diet. Jon Venus the vegan bodybuilder aims to spread awareness about the vegan diet and lifestyle and how it is optimal for strength and overall body health even if you are training at the gym in everyday life.

Torre Washington

Torre Washington is a black vegan bodybuilder who has been following a completely plant-based diet since the year 1998. His extremely sculpted and toned body which allows him to lift immaculately heavyweights is an inspiration fr many taking the vegan body builder diet to a whole new level. He has been featured in tons of magazines and is an advocate for the benefits of veganism all over the world.

Simone Collins

Switching it up from the typical male vegan bodybuilder comes Simone Collins who is a female bodybuilder that has become of of the biggest inspirations for women today. She has followed a vegetarian diet since her teen years but for ethical reasons transitioned into the vegan lifestyle without losing any of her fitness and health journey. She shows the possibilities of veganism and how maintainable it is no matter your gender, size, or goals.

Robert Cheeke

male vegan bodybuilders

Robert Cheeke grew up on a farm surrounded by many animals and as a result at the mere age of fifteen decided to transition to a vegan diet. As one of the strongest vegan bodybuilder, he managed to gain a whopping 75 pounds through a completely plant-based diet and is one f the biggest and strongest competitors within the bodybuilding industry. He creates inspiring lectures where he dives deep into his journey, how he felt what he did and how you can also achieve your goal as a bodybuilder vegan.

Nimai Delgado

Nimai Delgado is a vegan athlete and professional bodybuilder who has one of the top physiques in the world. He has won many body-building competitors and stands as a major inspiration to many young male athletes. He puts a strong emphasis on the mindset and continues to share that the diet is not what is going to make or break your ideal physique. He’s managed to achieve a mass Instagram following of nearly 700, 000 people in which he shares his journey, goals, and tips and tricks.

The Biggest Vegan Bodybuilder

the vegan bodybuilder

The biggest vegan bodybuilder in the world is none other than Patrik Baboumian. Known as Germany’s strongest man just the sheer size of Patrik is impeccable and hard to believe that all of his success was maintained whilst on a fully vegan diet. He is a record holder and a threat in the body-building community as well as an inspiration for vegan fitness.

As you can see there are many extremely successful vegan bodybuilders that show that a vegan diet does not emit muscle, weight, and strength gaining possibilities. These vegan bodybuilders are huge inspirations within the vegan community as they take the stereotypes of meat-eating and overconsumption of animal protein and prove them wrong, showing how we can be sustainable and cruelty-free without losing any of our goals or interests.

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