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The Vegan Diet

Berries, fruits and nuts

The all praised and humble vegan diet is not like one of those fads, Keto, low carb, etc, it’s a lifestyle, a choice you decide to make in your life maybe for health reasons or maybe for environmental reasons. The vegan diet is an animal product and cruelty-free way of living and eating. Finding a vegan meal plan that works for you can be overwhelming especially when you’re just starting and there are endless vegan diet plans out there from vegan weight loss plans to weight gain plans, anything is possible on a vegan diet in contradiction to many options it’s a healthy and maintainable way of living and oh its easy too!

What Is the Vegan Diet?

To sum it up a vegan diet is one that consists of completely plant-based foods with the omission of all animal-based products including dairy, meat, fish, and eggs. Slightly different to a vegetarian meal plan which allows dairy it is completely based upon using natural products to fuel our bodies. But as it has grown with time and become more popular the introduction of vegan alternatives to meats, cheese, fish and even eggs have become easily available to us with many cafes and restaurants offering vegan options and grocery stores adding an abundance of vegan goods it has become an extremely easy diet to adopt. The idea behind a vegan diet is not to only change what you put into your body but the lifestyle you choose to adopt, the choice to live cruelty-free. The best part is you can still have all of your favorite foods from burgers to chicken nuggets, ice cream, and chocolate except they’re vegan and make from other resources that do not harm any animals in the making, and a plus you’re helping save the environment while you do it.

A Balanced Vegan Diet

different nuts

One thing to consider when adopting a vegan diet is balance, we still want to ensure we’re getting the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and micronutrients. To achieve this consider using things like avocado, nuts, and coconut oil for good healthy fats, beans, lentils and tofu for protein and oats, whole grain pasta, rice, and potatoes as a source of complex carbohydrates and don’t forget the greens and vegetables for all the vitamins and minerals we need to maintain a healthy and happy body. So the common thought that all vegans eat is salad goes straight out of the window, there are so many options, recipes, and products right at our fingertips which allow us to make delicious and satisfying vegan meals.

vegan burger and fries

Most restaurants have come to terms with the mass amount of people transitioning to veganism and per the high demand has created a vegan menu, showcasing all your craving from creamy cheesy plates of pasta, pizzas, burgers, and a variety of mock meets you’ll never feel left out from the crowd. As the lifestyle has grown so have many fully vegan and cruelty-free businesses, you can now eat at a fully vegan sushi bar, yes sushi, raw fish completely made vegan and the best thing is you wouldn’t even know the difference, even fast food joints like McDonald’s and KFC have jumped on the bandwagon introducing a multitude of vegan options on their menus too.

So in conclusion a vegan diet is not a “diet” its more of a choice, you can have a burger but the choice is to have one with meat or one without, they taste pretty similar except you’re either filling your body with animal products or plant-based products. Now don’t get me wrong being vegan doesn’t always mean you super healthy, vegan junk food is still junk food but no matter what you choose if it’s a gourmet salad or an upright greasy takeaway no animals have been harmed in the process of making your meal. If you’re scared to give the vegan diet a try because you don’t know what you can eat, don’t be! Give it a try, test it out you may find your new way of life.

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