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The World’s Best Tennis Player Novak Djokovic Had Shared the Specificities of His Plant-Based Ration

tennis player novak djokovic

Serbian tennis pro, Novak Djokovic, is a long-term vegan since 2007. He is considered the world’s best tennis player and one of the best tennis players in history.

He already won eighty ATP tournaments, seventeen Grand Slam Tournaments and he is the only tennis player who won four Grand Slam tournaments and nine ATP Masters 1000 championships in a row.

But he had a series of setbacks back in the 2010s until he started to cooperate with Igor Tsetoevich, a nutritionist who convinced Novak to transition to plant-based nutrition. Novak’s results started to rise sharply as well as his endurance and physical performance.

Djokovic had shared the specificities of his plant-based diet which includes vast amounts of fruits, seaweed, and superfood supplements. Djokovic found a way to save the maximum amount of energy for his training and performances by avoiding hard-to-digest foods and products in the morning.

His morning ration consists of nutritious smoothies, superfood supplements, salads, celery juice, and seaweed. Novak eats boiled or steamed potatoes, wild rice, quinoa seeds, and millet in the afternoon.

Such nutrition allows him to accelerate all his energy for morning training and sports performances and gain all the necessary nutrients in the afternoon when his organism can spend enough energy on digesting.

Still, Novak doesn’t consider himself a vegan. He thinks that it’s unnecessary to put a label on him just because he eats only plant food and his nutrition habits could be misinterpreted.

Anyway, Novak insists that vegan ration lets him reach his goals and significantly increase his sports performance.

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