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These Food Products Could Cause Permanent Damage to Your Health

harmful food

A healthy plant-based lifestyle includes numerous measures that should be taken in order to make your life happier and prevent many chronic diseases. Our wellbeing and happiness significantly depend on our nutrition and there’re a bunch of food products which need to be replaced immediately to avoid permanent damage to our health.

Canned Foods

Canned sauces and other products include vast amounts of preservatives, stabilizers, chemical supplements, sugars, and salts. You can buy high-quality canned products but they’re expensive and it’s much better to make preserves by yourself.



Sugars. Colorings. Carbon dioxide. Phosphates. These ingredients don’t benefit your health in any case. Sodas harm our cardio-vascular system, vessels and can cause obesity, diabetes, and other diseases. Its taste specificities make us consume vast amounts of sugars. One cup of soda can include twenty or more grams of sugar which is ten times more than the daily allowance.


There’s no need to tell how harmful sugar is to our health. You should replace it with honey or natural sweeteners. It is safe to consume a small amount of sugar a day but there’s a strong point to avoid this product.

Vegetable Oil

vegetable oil

Low-quality vegetable oil includes trans-fats which can cause cardiovascular issues, atherosclerosis, and vessel diseases. Raw olive, linen, and grape seed oil is a better option for domestic cooking.


Margarine is a mix of the worst vegetable fats which ever existed which include numerous chemicals and stabilizers. You should totally forget about this product if you want yourself to be healthy.

Potato Chips

Sweet potato is a highly nutritious and healthy vegetable but potato chips can’t bring anything good to your health and overall wellbeing. Fats, salts, sugars, and harmful flavor additives shouldn’t be in your healthy food list.

Refined Flour

list of harmful food

Refined flour can’t be compared with other processed products such as sweets, sodas, or potato chips but it brings no benefits to your health. You can switch to rye and whole-grain flour which includes brans and fiber.

Well-balanced plant-based nutrition implies a rejection of processed and low-quality foods replacing them with healthy and nutritious alternatives. It is hard to completely avoid harmful food products but at least, we should try to minimize their presence in our ration.

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