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Three Main Reasons to Go Vegan

go vegan

Sympathy for those who innocently suffer

Animals are in pain, and they realize it. But people don’t. Billions of living creatures are raised in unimaginable agony and killed in ways that any executioner would yield. Maternal instincts, the thirst for freedom and family — all these feelings are so valuable and necessary to us, but we do not recognize that other creatures have the same desire.

Sympathy for animals is one of the main factors characterizing humanity. Only empathy for those who cannot stand up for themselves shows how kind and humane we are. That’s one of the main reasons why society should take the vegan route. Understanding that we, as human beings, can live without suffering of millions of living beings simply caused by our selfishness and ignorance, will raise society to a new level of civilization and spirituality. The old ways are outmoded and there is no scientific proof that they are necessary and the best for us. Our main goal and priority is to live in harmony with the world around us and all its inhabitants.

Taking care of your health

A complete and well-rounded vegan diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle and good condition in general. It has been proven time and again that a properly maintained diet can provide all the minerals, vitamins, and nutrients a person needs. It is suitable for all ages and stages of life.

Not to mention that such nutrition will bring an incomparable feeling of satisfaction and spiritual purity into our lives. Switching to plant nutrition will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, and many other diseases.

The feeling that your conscience is pure in the moment of realizing that nobody was raised or tortured for the sake of your meal on the table, will make you wonder why you did not become a vegan before?

Preventing the destruction of our world

The scale of the meat industry threatens the existence of life on the planet, as confirmed by numerous studies. And even if people are able to protect themselves from the destructive effects of their lifestyle, this cannot be said about the rest of the world’s inhabitants.

Deforestation, species extinction, and the destruction of the natural habitat of many animal populations are just a few of the consequences of this industry. Dry facts tell us how absurd and harmful meat production is. For example, producing half a kilogram of beef requires seven and a half thousand liters of water, which is 40 times more than to produce the same amount of rice or wheat.

The meat industry is consuming more and more resources due to the increasing consumption of animal products. It can permanently damage our planet, especially given the state of the environment and the wear and tear of fertile soil.

The consciousness about the environment and consumption should be a priority for everyone as well as taking responsibility for their actions towards the world around them.

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