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Tofu Skin

bean curd skin nutrition

What Is Bean Curd?

Bean curd is another name for tofu, it is made from soybeans that have been ground and pressed and has been and still are extremely popular in many Asian cuisines including Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Tofu skin or better yet bean curd skin is the layer that forms on the top of the soymilk which is a product of soybeans used to make tofu.

There are many recipes that use the layer of skin to make a celsius recipe that often leaves you with a thin, crunchy layer which is a great addition to many dishes and a great way to make use of any waste products too.

Tofu or bean curd skin is an extremely popular element of the vegan and plant-based diet as it is packed full of protein and works as a great and delicious meal replacement. It can be eaten in many different ways and is often incorporated in dishes such as curries, stews, rice bowls and noodle dishes.

It is also a very nutritious and satiating plant-based food that has become readily available in almost every supermarket and many plant-based tofu derivatives have to been created for a vegan to enjoy.

What Is Yuba?

yuba japanese food

Yuba is yet another word for tofu or bean curd. Yuba is made by extracting the skin that forms when soy milk is cooked and the proteins and fats begin to rise to the top. To make this at home takes a lot of time and effort but the end result is most definitely worth it.

Yuba has a nutty taste to it and is found to have a chewy type texture but saying this it is also a great flavor absorbent, meaning it can take on almost any flavor you add to it, which is ideal is the cooking process.

Fresh yuba can be eaten in many different ways and variations and can be eaten raw too and thus is found in many Asian noodle dishes as well as the popular rice paper rolls.

They also take very well to dressings and sauces and are a great way of adding protein to a carbohydrate-based dish.

Soybean Sheet

what is tofu skin

Soybeans sheets or dried bean curd sheets are again another way of saying the thin skin that forms when boiling soy milk, just like tofu skin, yuba, and bean curd skin.

However when yuba or bean curd is dried it becomes quite crispy and can is even sold in packages to buy and use at home, so you wouldn’t have to go through the whole extracting the top layer of the soy milk process. In order to give it a lasting shelf life, the tofu skin is often freeze-dried and is then typically sold in heavily sealed packages.

Eating dried bean curd sheets are a great way of getting a quick source of protein into your diet, they can be eaten on their own or added to any of your various meals, they are also great for camping or hiking trips and help keep you energized and strong throughout the day.

Dried bean curd sheets can also be rehydrated and then adapted with any sort of flavoring you wish to add, frying them up with a little bit of live oil is also a great way to add a high protein crunchy element to your dish.

Yuba Japenese Food

Yuba is extremely popular in Japanese food and this is because they strongly follow vegetarian diets in which they need to maintain enough proteins. They have been using soybeans to make tofu and yuba which is tofu skin for nearly 2000 years and now that we have caught on the bandwagon as vegans we simply can’t get enough.

Yuba comes in three ways in japan – fresh, dried, and frozen. Fresh yuba is often eaten in the same way as sashimi, raw with a little bit of soy sauce and wasabi, other times it is marinated and used in dishes such as wraps, salads, and stirfries.

Yuba is also low in carbohydrates and naturally gluten-free. Dried yuba is available all over Japan and comes packaged in all supermarkets in which the Japanese like to enjoy it as a crunch element on top of their soups and hot pots.

Bean Curd Skin Nutrition

soybean sheet

So now that you know all about what bean curd skin is and how to use it, how nutritious is it actually?

Bean curd skin has around 170 calories per sheet, 10 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 15 grams of protein which makes it quite a healthy and nutritious addition to meals and is the perfect element for a vegan who is focusing on maintaining a high protein intake with low carbohydrates.

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