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All The Different Types Of Tofu Available To You : What To Use Them For And How To Cook Them

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Veganism, a diet that encompasses living a fully plant-based and cruelty-free lifestyle. Those who choose to be vegan do not consume any type of animal and animal-derived products, from meat and dairy to gelatin and casein. Because a plant-based and vegan die removes many of the larger protein sources in it is of the utmost importance that vegans ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need by replacing this food with cruelty-free alternatives. Thus, tofu has become one of the most enjoyed and used vegan meat replacements in the world. There are many different tofu types, each that are perfect for use in different recipes, depending on the outcome to would like to receive. There are so many amazing and delicious tofu recipes and we are going to be showing you just how to all kinds of tofu.

What Are The Different Types Of Tofu?

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Tofu is a product that is made from soya beans. Soya beans are natural and plant-based and are packed full of protein. The soft white substance is created when these soya beans are mashed and compacted tightly together to form an almost tasteless block, which can then take on the flavour of almost anything you add to it. There are different types of tofu, which are typically described due to their texture or consistency. The most common different kinds of tofu you can expect to come across include :

  • Silken

Silken tofu, also known as Japanese tofu is silky and creamy and has the highest water content of all the tofu types. It almost has a cheese-like appearance and will crumble very easily.

  • Regular

Regular tofu is one of the most used types of tofu types and is present in many traditional Asian recipes. This tofu is slightly firmer than silken tofu by is still soft to the touch. The thin yet compact texture of regular tofu means that it can easily absorb flavours and can be transformed into a variety of different meat like replacements.

  • Firm

Firm tofu, is the best tofu to buy, for a number of reasons. Firstly it is the most globally available and is often packaged in supermarkets. Firm tofu is great for frying and baking. It doesn’t crumble and can be chopped into the exact size and shape you wish. It is also a very versatile type of tofu that is perfect for cooking. There are many types of tofu products that one can buy in-store and most are made using firm tofu.

  • Extra-Firm Tofu

Extra-firm tofu has less water than firm tofu, making it slightly harder to the touch. It can pretty much do the same things as firm tofu but is less advanced in absorbing flavours.

How To Use Different Types Of Tofu

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Each type of tofu has different uses and cooking methods depending on its texture and consistency. It is important to know how to cook different types of tofu in order to ensure that your recipe turns out the way you would like it and that you are satisfied with the non-vegan alternative you are trying to create.

  • Silken Tofu

Firstly let’s have a look at the softest and most crumbly tofu type. Silken tofu is very wet and soft inconsistency. This means that it is not ideal for making meat alternatives that will hold their shape in the cooking process. Silken tofu is actually best served cold and works as the perfect dairy spread alternative and is also a great element to soups and broths. It doesn’t require much cooking and takes best to the addition of sauces, herbs and spices.

  • Regular tofu

Regular tofu is slightly firmer than silken tofu but still has a soft inside even when cooked properly. Regular tofu is a great form of meat alternatives that are often used alongside colder dishes such as salads and buddha bowls. It takes on flavour best when it is marines in herbs spices and sauces for longer periods of time and should always be cooked at high heat. Baking it in the oven or frying it over the hob will ensure that a crispy crunchy yet soft in the middle texture is reached.

  • Firm Tofu

Firm tofu is one of the best and most used tofu types when it comes to vegan cuisine. Its texture and firm yet absorbent consistency means that it can take on an abundant flavour. It is often used to create burgers, chicken nuggets, and many Chinese recipes. It is one of the more satiating tofu types and allows you to feel as though you are biting into a piece of chicken or meat. It is great when breaded and fired or simply marinaded and baked in the oven.

  • Extra Firm Tofu

Extra-firm tofu holds its shape very well during the cooking process. This means it can take on almost any cooking method and can be cooked for long periods of time. It is great in stews and as a direct meat replacement when fried in hot oil.

The Bottom LineNow that you have learnt more than just the difference in types of tofu and have a clearer understanding of how to cook them all you can begin to implement them into your diet. `eating tofu is a great way to get a large amount of protein in a tasty and nutritious way. It will also give you an added element to your diet which may help with any meat or chicken cravings. There are so many great and delicious things you can make using each one of these tofu types and now it’s your turn to test them out.

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