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Top Five Iron Rich Foods

vegan iron sources list

As vegans do not consume any meat or animal-based protein sources we have to find alternatives to supplement in order to ensure we are getting enough iron to keep our body strong and healthy. Lucky for you there are many vegan iron sources that are completely plant-based yet supply more than enough iron than we even need. There are many plant sources of iron and iron-rich vegan foods, it’s all about knowing where to find it and how to incorporate it into your diet.

Iron in Plants

Iron in plants

There are many plant-based iron sources that are easy to incorporate into your meals. Finding iron in vegetables is a great way to get as much iron as possible from the most natural form of ingredients.

Vegetables are often misunderstood and are commonly thought of as just a form of getting healthy vitamins and minerals but what most don’t know is many vegetables contain a great amount of iron. Take spinach, for example, this dark green leaf contains 6 milligrams of your daily iron intake in just one cup.

You could easily add this to your salads and sandwiches or cooked it down to incorporate into your hot pasta, curries, or rice dishes. Podded peas and asparagus are other forms of green vegetable that contains above fifteen percent of your daily iron needs per cup each. Incorporating at least one of these into your meals as much as once per week will help gradually lift your iron intake without you even realizing it.

Some other vegetables that are good sources of iron vegan include leeks, green beans, squash, and button mushrooms, choosing these as your vegetable of choice as a side, snack, or topping will gradually increase your iron as well as providing you with many other necessary vitamins and minerals.

Fruit with Iron

fruit with iron

The fruit is often not really associated with iron but you may have surprised that some versions of this natural sweet can help aid your iron intake. Dried apricots are the highest form of vegan iron from a fruit, containing around one hundred and nineteen grams per cup it accounts for almost half of what you need in a day. They are also a great snack and provide a lot of energy to help you through that midday slump.

Alternatively adding these to your breakfast along with coconut and raspberries which also contain about five percent iron is a great way to naturally increase your intake. Passion fruit is otherwise known as granadilla also contains iron and is great in smoothies, juices, or just as a snack. Figs and raisins are also a great way to get small amounts of iron throughout the day.

Vegan Iron Sources List

iron food sources vegan

As well as fruits and vegetables there are many iron sources for vegans. Some of the top vegan sources of iron include beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, and pinto, as well as many others, which contain extremely large amounts of iron as they are protein-rich.

There are so many different ways one can add these into their diet, chickpeas can be roasted and eaten as a snack or topped on meals for an added crunch, they can also be found in other forms like hummus and are a great substitute in Indian style curries. Lentils are probably once of the most iron-rich sources for vegans and are very versatile, they are a great base for meals and are most popularly eaten in the form of a lentil Dahl, a vegan version of an Indian delicacy.

One of the best and easiest forms of vegan iron comes from meat substitutes, these include Tofu, Tempeh, and Satan. These can provide you with equally as much iron as you would find in meats, chicken, and fish and are delicious too. These meat-free alternatives have been commercially made into burger patties, deli meats, cheeses as well as many other forms.

Source of Protein

top vegan sources of iron

They are a great source of protein and can be easily incorporated into meals and they are filling and satisfying too. All soy-based products like soymilk, soy yogurt, and tofu which we mentioned earlier contain a lot of iron this is because they are originated from soybeans, and like I mentioned beans are one of the best sources of plant-based iron out there, they are also natural and unprocessed but the small additions of milk in your coffee and yogurt for breakfast will really aid your iron intake. Lastly, things like nuts, seeds, oils, and butter are filled with iron.

Cashew nuts and almonds are amongst some of the best and can too be found in nut butter and dairy-free kinds of milk or simply grab a handful as a snack and your set. Seeds like hemp seeds, chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds are also rich in iron and are a great addition to smoothies or hidden in granola, or used as a base like a chia pudding, they are also great when they’re roasted and provide a much-needed crunch in salads and Buddha bowls.

So as you can see there is an abundance of iron food sources vegan can incorporate into their diet. There are more than enough natural and plant-derived foods to maintain a good and healthy iron intake and there is no need to worry that you’re not getting any because you don’t eat meat. Plants and natural plant-based sources already contain iron and you’re probably consuming them without even realizing it. And now that you are fully equipped with all the best vegan iron sources your sure to maintain a happy and healthy iron-enriched body.

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