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The Best Vegan YouTubers And Channels You Want to Know This Year

best vegan youtuber

Today there are many platforms that influence and shape the way we live in the present moment. Apart from other highly influential social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat, YouTube’s influence on the vegan community has been quite astronomical.

Those who choose not only to share their lives but their believes, favorite recipes, and intimate life events have become the world’s best vegan you tube channels, attracting hundreds of thousands of subscribers all following what they have chosen to share. These vegan YouTube channels help me a lot in my own personal journey as a Vegan. Sharing different recipes, personal lifestyle choices and details as to why the lifestyle may be beneficial for you to.

In these 20-60-minute videos, people become fully absorbed and almost addicted to follow the journey of one’s vegan life, learning and growing as they do. I’m going to be sharing with you all the top vegan YouTubers that are contributing to shaping the entire veggie community of today.

Best Vegan YouTubers

The truth is there is quite a large amount of different vegan YouTubers who have put themselves into the public eye, deciding which one is the best is tough as each truly brings something different. So, it all comes down to what you are aiming to get out of watching their videos.

Vegan YouTubers range from those who just share their day-to-day activities, some sharing what they eat in a day, others creating recipes and some sharing ethical reasons and values as to why veganism is important.

Some of the most popular vegan YouTubers currently posting on the platform today include:

Rachel Ama

Rachel Ama is a Youtuber with a Carrabean heritage, full of life and personality she shares regular videos of bold and flavorful traditional recipes. She has loads of different recipes and advocates for being budget-friendly, using whole foods, and promoting low waste shopping and cooking throughout her channel. Her inspirational message has attracted thousands of followers from the golden oldies to the youngest of the bunch.

Helena Rose

Helena Rose is a British YouTuber who is pretty famous around the younger crowd and is amongst some of the best vegetarian YouTube channels. She has the best positive energy and spreads awareness about body image, loving yourself, and nourishing your body in a healthy and maintainable way. She has a whopping 40,000 subscribers and does some weird and wonderful food challenges such as “only eating red foods for the day” or “eating only cake for a day”. Her budding personality, bright makeup, and whacky wardrobe can keep anyone coming back for more.

Earthling Ed

Earthling Ed is a vegan YouTuber that is known for his activism and his success in creating a variety of motivational movements and even documentaries expressing his feelings about the subject and how we can slowly begin to change we live in. Ed’s YouTube channel is a pretty calm and mellow place in which he discusses various controversial topics with different guests each week for a more logical and informative approach to veganism is a great platform to come and escape in.

Madeleine Olivia

Madeline oliva has been voted the best vegan YouTube channel by her die heart fans. She appeals a lot to those who are students or just moving out and beginning to live on their own, she shares how affordable and budget-friendly veganism can be, she shares her best kitchen tips and tricks, vegan recipes, and quick and easy student-friendly meal ideas. Her positivity and light-heartedness are attractive to her loyal followers, seen in the growth of her channel over the past couple of years.

Fully Raw Kristiana

Fully Raw Kirsitanta has been on YouTube since the beginning of time, she has and continues to post hundreds of different vegan recipes that fully embody whole foods and meals that nourish the body. She has become a favorite vegan recipe channel for many people starting their vegan journeys as well as for continuous inspiration for those that have been around for years.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella has a vegan cooking channel in which she shares a variety of different recipes from breakfast to sides to desserts, she is one of the most loved vegan YouTubers and has even brought out recipe books and vegan items that are sold in a variety of health food stores.

The Bottom Line

As you can see there is a large variety of different vegan YouTubers out there each providing something slightly different but all in all sharing their vegan journeys and helping you to improve yours. At the end of the day, it is not about what vegan channel has the most subscribers but rather is the person in front of the screen appeals to you, grabs your attention, and draws you in based on the content they deliver.

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