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«Touristic» Elephants in Thailand Had Been Released Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic

elephants in thailand

Thailand is well known for its elephants which are exploited by the locals and numerous touristic agencies. Unforgettable impressions are promised to tourists although they don’t know about the pain and sufferings these animals will go through in order to serve as an entertainment attraction.

Young elephants had been taken away from their herd and parents to be raised in a small cage. Elephants are being tortured with sharp and curved sticks called ankush. Such training is called The Phajaan Ceremony which literally means «the destruction of spirit» in the Thai language.

The broken and tamed animal will be forced to carry tourists on its back to the end of its short and miserable life. Such elephants are badly fed, receive no proper vet assistance, and obey only because of the fear and the sense of insecurity.

But now the situation is changing. The tourist flow had stalled because of the coronavirus pandemic which had caused the closure of airports and international fly restrictions.

Around two thousand «touristic» elephants were released because their owners went bust. It is very expensive to keep them without any active income because each of them consumes around three hundredweights of grass and fruits per day.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare has managed to move a part of them to their natural habitat where they will be able to live in the wild again. But still, the majority of retired elephants are at risk of starvation death.

Animal welfare advocates are raising funds to procure and distribute food supplies among all injured elephants. Also, the transportation of elephants requires a lot of resources and time. Elephants and their convoys need to cope with a week-long crossing ‘till they’ll get to the destination point.

Elephants are sensitive and responsive animals that are able to experience lifelong family bounds. Such barbaric traditions cannot fit modern society. Unfortunately, only global and catastrophic situations such as the coronavirus pandemic were able to change something.

Elephant exploitation is a dirty and cruel business that makes money on suffering and pain. The majority of tourists don’t know about it so it is very important to share this knowledge among the masses.

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