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Traditional Bull Race of Pamplona Were Cancelled Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak

bull race

The traditional «San Fermin» bull race were cancelled by the city council of Pamplona due to the coronavirus pandemic. This move was dictated by security concerns since more than five hundred Pamplona habitants have died from COVID-19.

Spain is one of the most affected countries by the COVID-19 countries in the world for the twenty-seven lethal COVID-19 cases. «San Fermin» bull run attracts more than a million guests and live spectators which is unacceptable during the pandemic.

Although the bull race brought millions of dollars of income to the city of Pamplona its cancellation was greeted with large enthusiasm from animal welfare advocates. Bull races as well as rodeo and corrida viciously harm and torture the animals involved.

Bulls are forced to run through the closed city streets by being teased and taunted by the spectators and race organizers. Infuriated and depraved animals get traumatized by falling over themselves and crashing into walls and barriers.

Pokes, shots, crowd’s screaming, loud noises, and channeled aggression from the handlers severely traumatized bulls. Such races should be considered animal violence despite its long and integral for Spanish society history.

There are no signs that the «San Fermin» bull race would be cancelled next year although animal welfare advocates are trying their best to protect these innocent creatures.

Corrida is another act of violence against animals. Massive protests took place in Spain last year with no significant results. While the corrida is a pure act of torture and killing, «San Fermin» bull race shouldn’t be considered as an appropriate way of entertainment.

Torturing and taunting animals for the sake of a short-term show is a horrible and unworthy act. Bull’s training and growing take a lot of time and pain. Most of these animals will be slaughtered for low-quality meat and other sub-products after the race is conducted.

«San Fermin» bull race cancellation is good news for animal welfare advocates and animals themselves although there are many things in Spanish society that must be changed.

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