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Ukraine-Based Vega Milk Offers the Widest Alternatives to Milk in the Country

Ukraine-Based Vega Milk

Now in the world, there are processes of changing people’s attitudes towards themselves, the world around them, and the environment. The appearance of plant-based alternative milk on the global market has seen rapid growth in recent years, especially in North America and Europe. Experts estimate the world market for vegetable milk at 40 billion dollars by 2024.

People are gradually beginning to switch to a healthy lifestyle, and Ukrainians whose diet is also changing are no exception. Since the demand for cereal, nut, and seed drinks has grown rapidly, more and more companies focused on healthy food have begun to appear in Ukraine. And Vitmark is one of them. Ukraine-based company has studied market trends for many years to present unique products that have a completely natural and pure composition, which is very important for people who care about their health and quality of life.

The company was founded in 1994 in Odessa city and is the leader in the Ukrainian market exporting its products to over 25 countries. Today the company produces 11 types of vegetable milk under the Vega Milk trademark. The factory is equipped with advanced equipment from Sweden to produce high-quality products that are sugar and preservative-free. For procurement, the company uses only fresh raw materials, and these are Ukrainian cereals: oats, buckwheat, and wheat.

The products will appeal not only to vegetarians, people who adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, or those who are lactose intolerant, but also simple innovators who want to find a better and tasty alternative to milk.

The milk has a dense and thick creamy foam and is a great addition to cappuccino and latte. Also, the product will be an excellent basis for a hearty breakfast, which does not require a lot of time to prepare.

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