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Veg Capital Fund Has Been Launched by Veganuary Co-founders to Support New Vegan Companies

veg capital fund

Veg Capital fund helps to attract investments in the developing niche of the plant-based products industry whose market share rapidly grows by days. Thus, the plant-based products industry attracted more than seven hundred forty-one million dollars in the first quarter of 2020 which almost equals the whole 2019 investments.

More and more producers of plant-based products enter the market significantly increasing the interest of the masses in vegan nutrition. Veg capital already helped several companies to attract large investments.

Plant-based milk producer Mighty Pea, vegan confectionery Mummy Meagz and seafood vegan alternatives’ producer Good Catch had launched their business far and wide thanks to the Veg Capital activity.

Vegan substitutes to dairy, eggs, meat and seafood reduce the demand for animal-based production making more people choose veganism and follow a vegan diet. Vegan projects such as Veg Capital and Veganuary help to promote veganism on the highest and the most recognizable levels.

Such a businesslike approach makes veganism a real thing as compared with loud and unstructured actions and protests which proved themselves to be ineffective and underrated.

Veganuary is a non-profit organization which helps people to adapt a vegan lifestyle by providing free vegan recipes, restaurants’ guidance and other lifestyle tips. First started in 2014, Veganuary became world-renowned featuring more than four hundred thousand people. This veganism movement encourages people to become vegans by rejecting all animal products and becoming vegans during the month of January.

Veg Capital looks for partners and investors hoping that other fund and vegan startups will help to increase veganism popularity. Investments in the plant-based food industry continue to grow rapidly giving the hope that vegan diet will be recognized by the masses as a fully-fledged nutrition system.

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