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Vegan Advent Calendar Treats: 9 Useful Calendars Everyone Would Like!

vegan advent calendar

Agree, there is no better option to wait for Christmas than to open a new cell in the advent calendar for vegans every day, which stores incredibly tasty healthy sweets or other products. But there are so many of them on the Internet that your eyes run-up, and you want to get into the very one that would be the best for you. Today in the article, we will share a few organic vegan advent calendars that will brighten your pre-Christmas days even more!

Top Vegan Advent Calendars

Let’s get started! We decided to choose calendars with different fillings so that you can choose the best vegan advent calendar for yourself, based on your personal preferences. Here are the ideal options for you:

Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar by Goodio

vegan chocolate advent calendar

In addition to being made in Finland, the chocolate bars hidden in the boxes have their special flavors. Inside there are 24 chocolates with sea buckthorn, raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, strawberry flavors, and just pure high-quality chocolate. By the way, there is no gluten or excess sugar here! The Food52 approved calendar would be a great addition to your upcoming holidays.

Advent Tree by Candy Kittens

dairy-free advent calendar

Well, no one has such a dairy-free advent calendar. Inside the UK Delicious Gift, you can find natural jellies in a variety of flavors that you would enjoy a whopping 24 times. And what can make this surprise even better is the availability of international delivery, which would allow you to enjoy overseas sweets.

Vegan Mini Pop! Free From Advent Calendar by Popcorn Shed

vegan advent calendar the USA

This is a special calendar for popcorn lovers. Agree, many people would like to try popcorn with different unusual flavors. This USA vegan advent calendar can provide you with such delight with white truffle flavors, maple bacon, toffee, salt and vinegar, sea salt, and sweet and salty at the same time. We think it would be cool to open each slot before watching your favorite Christmas movies.

45% Nut milk Chocolate Advent Calendar by HOTEL CHOCOLAT

vegan beauty advent calendar

Don’t think vegan chocolate is just black. There is nothing from animal milk in the milk chocolate of this cute calendar because nut milk is added here, which makes this taste even more interesting and delicious. By the way, there is no sugar here either, since you don’t want to interrupt the special and delicate taste of the nut. And if you aren’t a fan of milk chocolate, then you can choose the same calendar, but from 70% dark chocolate.

Bath Time Essentials by LUSH

vegan advent calendar treats

If you or your friend is a fan of all kinds of bath accessories, then this vegan beauty advent calendar is the best gift before Christmas. It has everything you need, from various bath bombs to shower gel. Yes, it costs a lot more than other regular calendars, but it’s worth it. Let’s give a little advice: buy as soon as possible, because they are taken apart very quickly.

Brainteaser advent calendar by DZY

organic vegan advent calendar

Puzzles are always an incredibly interesting and useful gift for the brain. Regardless of how old you are, you would always solve each element with special trepidation until you reach the final goal. This calendar has as many as 24 puzzles that can distract you from the hustle and bustle of the work and give your mind a little play. By the way, this is a great option not only for one person but for the whole family.

Calendar by Divine

best vegan advent calendar

This vegan advent calendar with treats would allow you to enjoy quality 70% dark chocolate. In addition to the most delicious and natural filling of the cells, the box itself looks very festive, which would give you a holiday feeling until the very arrival of Christmas. So, rather order it and plunge into the magical winter atmosphere.

Beauty Advent Calendar by The Pip Box

vegan advent calendar 2021

Another calendar for lovers of quality and vegan personal care. Inside you would find as many as 26 products for yourself and your body. It should be noted that miniatures of cosmetics are hidden in such calendars. There aren’t only these but also full-size food options, which would allow you to taste them properly. Using these products every day, on Christmas and New Year, you would look absolutely stunning. Check it out?

Mystery Box by e.l.f.

advent calendar vegan

And finally, let’s tell a little about the most coveted calendar of all girls, without exception. You get 12 natural beauty products packed in an unusually attractive package that shows that the calendar is truly a Mystery. On the official website, you can see what products are waiting for you. But it’s better to buy and open yourself, leaving everything as a surprise. Well, surely everyone liked the vegan advent calendars 2021 offered by us. We think you have already looked after at least one of them for sure. We recommend trying to take 1-2 different fillings to make it even more captivating. In addition, you can please your friend with such a cool gift, who has the same views on food as you do. Let you and your friend open each of your vegan advent calendars, and then share the information that you came across this time. We believe that with such entertainment, the days before Christmas would fly by unnoticed!

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