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Vegan Alternatives To Fish And What To Eat For A Vegetarian: You Will Be Surprised!


What’s a Vegan Alternative to Fish and Seafood?

Overfishing, global warming, and ocean pollution are forcing scientists to create new vegan seafood alternatives. Leading vegan seafood and fish substitutes companies are Good Catch and Sophie’s Kitchen from the United States. Good Catch has developed a 100% plant-based vegan fish substitute Good Catch Tuna is different from the smooth texture of bluefin tuna, which is the most commonly used in sashimi, but it is a successful attempt to recreate flavor and texture. Nestlé has also taken up a vegan fish replacement and has developed a plant-based alternative to tuna for fish lovers. The vegan substitute for fish will be marketed under the Garden Gourme brand name Sensational Vuna.

What Do Vegetarians Eat Instead of Seafood?

vegan substitute for fish

In the seafood market, New Wave Foods is a revolutionary company offering 100% plant-based seafood. The company’s mission is to protect the ocean by creating delicious, plant-based counterparts to popular seafood species. New Wave ™ ‘s first product is a vegetarian shrimp substitute. They can replace ocean shrimp in any dish and are made from seaweed and vegetable protein. This company will demonstrate several types of plant-based shrimp throughout the year, including smaller versions of shrimp for appetizers, and artificial shrimp in breading and sauce.

If you decide to give up not only meat, eggs, and milk, but also fish and seafood, take a close look at plant-based vegetarian nutrition substitute for fish. Perhaps not all of them, but some of them will be able to take root in your diet and become your new favorite treat. We have prepared 6 vegetarian fish substitute products for you and will introduce you to them! Here they are:


Soy is one of the most popular modern food products because it allows you to get everything that is in fish and meat, but at the same time not to gain weight and not to eat too many unhealthy fats and other ingredients that are complete to nothing.


Tofoo is an invariable ingredient in Asian cuisine and is another well-known fish and meat substitute. It prepares quite simply.

  1. We make soy milk.
  2. Add salt to it to curl it up.
  3. Prepare cottage cheese based on curdled milk.


Eggplant is a real find for those who do not eat fish and meat, but at the same time cannot imagine life without Italian cuisine. The Italians, as you know, culinary traditions are built on tomatoes, dough, and – yes, yes! – on meat. Eggplant in such dishes as lasagna or pasta can replace the taste of the meat ingredient by 100%. There is not too much pure protein in vegetables, however, these representatives are saturated with fiber, potassium, and B vitamins.


Portobello – this mushroom is the closest relative of the champignon. They are unique in that they combine animal and plant proteins. Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, thanks to which they improve blood composition, are a good prophylactic against cancer and infectious diseases, improve the functioning of the immune system, support and nourish brain cells, promote weight loss, and have a good effect on the male potency.


Tempeh is a similar product to tofoo. Tempeh came to Europe from Indonesia. There this unusual bean curd is prepared in the same way as tofu. Only the beans are not crushed but used as a whole.


Seitan is based on wheat gluten. That is the protein part of the popular cereal. In terms of protein content, seitan, which is called “wheat meat”, is in no way inferior to classic meat products: beef, pork, chicken, and so on.

To refuse fish and meat or not – everyone decides for themselves. But if you decide to change your diet, know that there are enough plant-based foods in the world that will prevent you from experiencing a protein deficiency due to avoiding animal foods.

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