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Perfeggt’s Bean-Based Replacement for Real Eggs will be presented in 2022

Vegan Bean Egg

Berlin-based German food technology company Perfeggt has developed a new vegan egg. This product may prove to be better than chicken eggs in terms of composition and taste. The plant-based liquid alternative consists of a special variety of beans and other plant proteins. This product can be pan-fried in the same way as traditional scrambled eggs or omelets. The first product from Perfeggt will hit the market in early 2022 in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, followed by further expansion in Europe and the United States.

Today Perfeggt offers a real alternative to one of the world’s most popular animal proteins. The company is convinced that the time has come to rethink the egg as part of the daily human diet.

The market for alternatives to eggs remains untapped, especially when compared to other vegan products such as nut milk and plant-based meats. More than 1 trillion eggs are consumed worldwide each year. The young company wants to take advantage of this huge growth potential with its liquid vegan egg. The team understands that perfecting the traditional characteristics of the egg presents some challenges.

Last month, the company raised more than $2.8 million in investments to support its product. Sponsors include leading investors from around the world such as EVIG Group, Stray Dog Capital, E²JDJ, Tet Ventures, Good Seed Ventures, Sustainable Food Ventures, and Shio Capital.

The Alternative to Eggs

The Alternative to Eggs

The taste and texture of the product are key. That’s why the vegan egg concentrates the right plant proteins and lipids, which allow for the extremely complex, multi-functional, and versatile characteristics of the egg.

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