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Vegan Beauty Products

products for beauty

There’s an assumption out there that all beauty products happen to be vegan but in fact this isn’t the case at all, a lot of our favorite brands harm and use animals unnecessarily in the production of the products we use. It’s fairly avoidable as long as we know what to look out for and what is vegan out there. Since there have been many new launches of vegan lines and existing brands extending their offerings it can be quite an overwhelming task to find the product you need. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered, we’ve tried and tested many and found some of the best out there and we’re here to share it with you.

Firstly, an important part of looking for whether an item is vegan or not is by checking for the Leaping Bunny Logo and furthermore check for animal products such as carmine, lanolin, collagen and beeswax (mostly used as a binder in mascaras).

MASCARA – Too Faced Better Than Sex

too faced better than sex mascara

Now this is one we were quite skeptical about because we couldn’t possibly believe it would live up to all the hype but let us tell you it does not disappoint. One swipe of the brush and those lashes are popping, giving you depth and volume in 30 seconds. It’s long lasting and doesn’t create any clumps. It’s most definitely on the top of the market right now and it’s so well worth it.

LIPSTICK – e.l.f. Matte Lip Color

e.l.f. matte lip color

Lipstick is an essential product we all need, for those days we’ve woken up late, sleepy and rundown there’s nothing like having the perfect lipstick to elevate your look without practically doing anything, this is the one. With an abundance of shades to choose from, its application is smooth and doesn’t leave you with that ‘heavy-lip’ look, oh and it’s easy on the wallet too, so having multiple shades to choose from is easily achievable.

DEODORANT – Jãsön Dry Spray Deodorant

jãsön dry spray deodorant

We have pretty much tried every natural deodorant out there and if it doesn’t smell bad it leaves you smelling bad, and once we thought we had given up this came along and oh boy it’s great. It smells great (our favorite is the floral scented Soft Rose) but Fresh Cucumber is good too. It keeps you feeling fresh for hours. It is by far the best deodorant we have found and there’s no going back to those crystal sticks where you have to pray for your underarms before stepping out into the heat.

FOUNDATION – Tarte Amazonian Clay

tarte amazonian clay

A good foundation is one of the hardest things to find, the right shade, coverage, non cakey looking, skin irritating fix is almost impossible to get your hands on. It usually ends up being a trial and error approach, leaving you with 20 half used foundation bottles and you’re still on the hunt but this Amazonian Clay Foundation is here for you. It comes in 40 different shades, its natural looking yet gives full coverage and doesn’t dry out your skin. This has become our go to foundation for all occasions, it got you covered!

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