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Vegan Books

must read vegan books

As the veganism topic and grown and expanded globally so have the number of books. Nowadays there are books on absolutely everything you need to know about veganism, from why it’s so important to how to transition and much much more in between. However, with this vast majority, it can become quite overwhelming to understand which one would be best suited to you and your needs. Books about veganism vary depending on the topic, whether you’re looking for summer barbeque recipes, top tips on staying healthy as a vegan, or why veganism is important to the planet I guarantee you there is a boo out there for you. Here is everything you need to know about vegan books.

Top Vegan Books

books on going vegan

There are so many vegan books to read, we in fact are spoilt for choice, but of course, there are some that are highly acclaimed and rated as some of the best books for vegans. Some of the top-rated vegan books include

Some we love, Some we hate, Some we eat

some we love, some we hate, some we eat

This book is written by the author – Hal Herzog – where he dives into detail about the psychology that goes into the inconsistent treatment of animals. His in-depth and provoking style of writing aims to show us how we can change the way we think about animals in relation to veganism.

Eating Animals

eating animals

Written by Jonathan Safran Foer easting animals has become one of the top vegan books ever written . he dives into the ways we try to justify how and why we eat animals on a daily basis and what relevance it has on our lives and our history. Critics and activists have raved about the contents of this book putting it up there with the cream of the crop of vegan fiction books.

My Year of Meats

my year of meats

My Year of Meats is written by Ruth L. Ozeki where she jumps into the depths of animals. Her comical yet tragic yet romantic way of writing is what truly stands this book above the rest. It’s so engaging you won’t be able to put it down, it has also won multiple awards and is extremely well known for its thought-provoking content.

Striking at the Roots

striking at the roots

If you’re looking for a book that is more in the realm of activism and animal activism for that matter, it is a book that actually teaches you how to get involved and even become an activist if that is of your choice. This brilliantly written novel has been effective in teaching vegans and others to find their voice and also delves into effective ways humans and animals can communicate while sharing the space on earth.

vegan fiction books

How Not to Die

how not to die

How Not to Die written by Michael Greger has been awarded the New York times bestseller as it aims to discover the science behind veganism and its ability to prevent disease. It is one of the most groundbreaking vegan books produced as it sheds new light on veganism far beyond that of food and animal cruelty. His extensive scientific research goes to prove how chronic illnesses came about and how veganism and be an escape root to avoiding these particular issues.



Written by Marta Zaraska, Meathooked goes into the science behind our obsession with meat over the last twenty-five million years. This book in all its glory goes into our past to discover the reasons why we have become so obsessive over meat products. She shows the effect of culture and a large range of past influences to help us better understand why we tend to be the way we are.

Must-Read Vegan Books

As there are so many genres of vegan books, my list of must-reads tends to be pretty long however here are some books on going vegan and books about being vegan that may be of high interest for beginners or just interested individuals. Here are some vegan books that can help and guide you along your journey

books for vegans

Diet for a New America

diet for a new america

For those looking to transition into a veganism diet for a new America may just be the book for you. Written by John Robbins he aims to awaken the nation of the effects f their diet and how to change it. He explores the reasons as o why we depend on animals and meat products so much and how what we think we know to be true may not actually be true. He sheds new light on health and diet and aims to change the way we think about it.

Becoming Vegan

becoming vegan

Written by Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina his book is a complete guide into adopting a healthy plant-based diet. The book is extremely informational and provides the answers to the most frequently asked questions about veganism. It shares advice on transitioning, nutritional, and lifestyle changes and aims to be your guide and support system as you take a leap into the veganism community.

World Peace Diet

world peace diet

Written by Will Tuttle this book speaks about how to eat for spiritual health and social harmony, he shows how our diet relates to how we feel and connect to our planet and how making small changes can actually free our conscious mind. He aims to show how lessening our cruelty in life can allow us to feel more love and happiness.

Animal Liberation

animal liberation

Peter Singer is the author of Animal Liberation, a book that was one of the first and the first to begin the revolution that veganism created. It shows the insides outs of animal cruelty and abuse and was among the first to portray that knowledge to mankind and make them aware of what was happening behind the scenes. He shows the challenges our actions have as well as solutions to the issues we are facing.

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