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Vegan Cheese

cheese and crackers

As the world of veganism continues to grow and expand its foodie borders so do the products. surpasses all expectations of a plant-based lifestyle, you can now find pretty much animal made products in a vegan version. Cheese, that oozy, gooey, melty goodness we all know and love is now available in a multitude of plant-based forms. And for those asking is cheese vegan, well no because its made from dairy predominately coming from a cow and thus not plant-based but there no reason we can’t enjoy the same flavor and value in plant-based cheese.

What Is Vegan Cheese?

It hard to wrap your head around the concept of cheese not really being cheese but because of the vast demand of veganized products, an abundance of vegan-friendly companies have launched substitute cheeses in all their forms, from Americanized slices to mozzarella and even blocks of faux parmesan and brie. These veggie cheeses are created from only plant-based products – things that come from nature and not from animals to try and mimic the consistency, taste, and texture of the regular cheese we all know and love.

What Is Vegan Cheese Made Of?

So exactly what is in vegan cheese? Vegan cheese is made using various sources of plant proteins and fats. Just like plant-based kinds of milk the cheese is made from nuts such as cashews, almonds, and pine nuts as well as a variety of seeds like sesame and sunflower. The addition of coconut oil, soybeans, nutritional yeast, and tapioca starch is used to create the creamy texture and cheesy flavor. Starches like tapioca created an amazing base for the start of vegan cheese making giving it the ability to melt and stretch. The addition of nutritional yeast, a well known vegan must-have product that is often used as an alternative to parmesan gives the cheese its cheesy flavor.

Best Vegan Cheeses

A vegan pizza with tomato and basil

If you’re looking to try out a substitute cheese but don’t even know where to begin here are some options that are highly rated and available at most grocery stores. Now different brands and types of cheese are each good for different reasons depending on what you’re trying to make or use it for. Violife, a popular plant-based brand has created an incredible parmesan wedge that is one of a kind and the perfect alternative to sprinkle on your pasta dishes as it acts and tastes just like the real thing. As well as the parmesan wedge they have also created Mature Cheddar Slices that are perfect for melted grilled cheese, topping your burger or stacking in your sandwiches, they are soft and buttery and melt extremely easily. And if you’re looking for some shredded mozzarella check out Daiya, a brand that produces a massive variety of vegan products, their veggie grated cheese is definitely the best for pizza making, salad topping or just eating straight out of the bag.

Vegan cheese with herbs and chili

But is vegan cheese healthy? Just because its vegan doesn’t mean it’s healthier it just means that it is made from plant-based products instead of animal products making it a cruelty-free alternative as well as a good option for a dairy allergy or intolerance.

So if you’re looking into transitioning to veganism but don’t want to miss out of your favorite cheeses don’t hesitate, there are so many options and well-created replicas of all the best, I can guaranty all your cheesy craving will be satisfied!

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