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Vegan Company Matt + Nat Make an Even Greener New Collection of Bags from Apple Juice Waste

Vegan Company Matt

The popular vegan stylish accessories brand Matt + Nat recently launched its first handbag collection using a new bio-based eco-skin. It’s made from fruit juice waste. After numerous developments, the collection is ready to surprise you. New products, not like the others and will be able to capture the imagination of customers. Vegan collection breaks all boundaries and takes the fashion industry to a whole new level.

AppleSkin is an innovative material patented by the Italian company Frumat. Eco-skin is made in Italy from apples grown in Bolzano, a city in the country’s northern region, by extracting the pulp, the cellulose fibers of the skin, and the core that remains after juicing the apples on an industrial scale.

The detailed process of making AppleSkin is a mystery to all, but we are convinced that the pulp is turned into a powder and used to reduce the number of virgin materials needed to create vegan skin. Thus AppleSkin is made up of about 20-30% apples. Fewer virgin materials mean fewer natural resources extracted from the planet, as well as reduced emissions and energy consumption.

Matt + Nat partnered with Frumat to create the new Studio 901 collection, which features bags with an exterior in innovative leather. The on-trend collection to date includes 12 bags. They are both a backpack and a mini briefcase and a bucket bag in black, brown, and green with gold detailing.

Vegan Apple Leather is in Trend

Vegan Apple Leather is in Trend

In recent years, more and more fashion and furniture brands have been making their products from recycled or recycled materials. While companies are using plant-based materials from cactus, pineapple, and mushrooms, vegan apple-based leather is a versatile material used in many industries.

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