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What Condiments Are Vegan and Where To Find The Best Plant-Based Condiments

Best Plant-Based Condiments

Condiments are essential for almost every meal. They are the perfect way to take something plain and boring and add flavour and excitement. There are also meals that almost require condiments such as fries with ketchup or hot dogs with mustard. Many people don’t even think to check the ingredients of everyday used condiments and when transitioning to a vegan diet and lifestyle this can become something somewhat confusing. But not to worry, there are many vegan and vegetarian condiments available to us that taste exactly the same and are readily available too. So the next time you’re taking a trip to the grocery store, here are all the must-have vegan condiments that you need to get your hands on right now.

What Condiments Are Vegan?

When it comes to searching for vegan condiments you need to remember the basis of the lifestyle, no animal products, animal-derived products or animal cruelty methods used in the making. For condiments especially this may include things such as dairy and eggs and hidden animal ingredients that help to add extra shelf-life. There are some condiments that are well known globally that just happen to automatically be vegan and others where many vegan versions have been created for us plant-based lovers to enjoy. The best vegan condiments to buy are ones that have been certified vegan, where you won’t need to spend time checking and researching ingredients and thus knowing your options is the best way forward.

The Best Vegan Condiments

The Best Vegan Condiments

Condiments are something that you should always keep on hand, whether they’re stoked in the fridge or the cupboard, the plethora of choices is essential to almost every home. To make youre search slightly easier here is a vegan condiments list, ingredients to look out for and the perfect way to avoid mistakes in the shopping aisle. Some of the condiments that are vegan include :

  1. Ketchup

Everybody knows and everybody loves a little bit of ketchup now and again. Whether youre choosing it as a dip for some cheeky chicken nuggets and fries, or a hardcore lover and throwing it on a lazy bowl of pasta, ketchup is an essential condiment to always have on hand. Most branded ketchup brands such as “Heinz” are naturally vegan and plant-based. Which mostly commonly consists of tomato puree and refined sugar. There are also healthier alternatives that may be less processed and organic which you could choose from too.

  1. Mayonnaise

Another widely used and globally known condiment is none other than mayonnaise itself. Mayo is the perfect condiment for a creamy addition, it is often used in sandwiches, as dips and in many recipes too. Unfortunately, most generic mayonnaise is not considered to be vegan. This is because it contains egg yolks. However more and more vegan brands are coming up with plant-based mayo options, which are just as delicious and creamy. Both Hellmans and Primal Kitchen have some of the best vegan mayonnaise options out there, in which they use a combination of soy milk and plant-based oil to achieve the perfect creamy texture.

  1. Barbeque Sauce

Yet another staple is a hearty and rich BBQ sauce. BBQ sauce is primarily used on meaty type products such as burgers, Lentil sloppy joes, and even vegetable skewers. Ofocurse none of us wants to miss out on the addition of BBQ sauce, and we don’t have to. Most Barbeque sauce brands are actually naturally vegan, however in some cases be sure to look out for honey in the ingredients list.

  1. Hummus

Hummus is one of the more healthy vegan condiments that is really loved and enjoyed by the plant-based community. It is the per cent dip for vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and celery and a must-have ingredient in falafel pitas and most middle eastern cuisine. It is a really healthy and nutritious snack and table starter and is often available in a large variety of flavours. Ready-made hummus dips are almost always vegan as they consist of the primary ingredient – chickpeas. Hummus is also a really easy recipe to recreate at home and all you’ll need is chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and a steady blender.

  1. Hot Sauce

For the lovers of spice, hot sauce is an essential condiment that must be kept on hand at all times. Some people enjoy it on almost everything, from eggs in the morning to a roast in the evenings, there’s almost nothing hot sauce can’t elevate. Luckily there are many vegan hot sauce brands which include Franks Red Hot, Tapatio Hot Sauce, Texas Pete Hot Sauce and Sriracha. Most of these hot sauce brands are also the ones that are stocked by many restaurants, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting your spice fix at any time of the day.

Vegan condiments guide

These are not the only generic condiments that vegans can enjoy. In fact, there are many many more also including Heinz mustard, Buffalo Sauce, Guacamole, Soy Sauce and Tabasco. There are also many non-vegan condiments and sauces that have been fully veganised including, vegan ranch from Primal Kitchen, Annie’s Vegan Worcestershire Sauce and even Follow Your Hearts plant-based Honey Mustard Dressing.

The Bottom Line

As you can see there is so much more to what sauces are vegan and plant-based. Luckily for us many of them naturally are and for the ones that aren’t, there are vegan versions. The best thing you can do when searching for the perfect vegan condiments and sauces is to look for the label. A vegan label will automatically show you whether a product is suitable for you or not and nowadays it is almost an essential part of any brand’s marketing. You go out and stock up on your condiments today and never go without the extra flavour and satisfaction.

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