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Vegan Cuisine Month

celebrate vegan cuisine month

Vegan cuisine has taken an extraordinary turn for popularity and is now present on almost all restaurant menus all around the world. Vegan cuisine is plant-based meals that are cruelty-free and follow a more sustainable lifestyle. Vegan cuisine month allows those who follow this lifestyle to celebrate their success and the success that the lifestyle brings to the environment as well as allowing an opportunity for those who are interested in trying out this lifestyle an opportunity to do so. We celebrated vegan cuisine for the sheer amount of development it has had in such a short space of time as well as for the awareness it has created towards animal cruelty, sustainability, and environmental impacts.

History of Vegan Cuisine Month

how to celebrate vegan cuisine month

Vegan cuisine month was established as a result of a book called “The Vegan Kitchen” which was written by Freya Danish, this book was the first vegan cookbook ever published in the United States and an extremely proud moment of veganism and the vegan society as a whole. In this book, Freya described the ethical purposes of veganism and why it is of such importance. Along with her husband, Freya was a big part of creating the entire vegan movement we witness today. Vegan cuisine month of first brought about in an attempt to express gratitude and thanks to heroes like Freya that have been an instrumental part in creating and forming the vegan society. Not only have many cookbooks been written but negotiations for vegan cuisine options in schools, hospitals, conferences, catering events, and many more have been made a possibility as a result of these institutional vegan heroes.

When Is Vegan Cuisine Month 2021?

So when is vegan cuisine month you may ask? vegan cuisine months run throughout the month of February. A month that is set out to embrace all the vegan heroes from the past to the present as well as celebrating the food available for vegans today, it is a month of coming together, bringing awareness, sharing recipes, thoughts, and movements as well as looking back on the past and expressing what we expect to see in the future. Vegan cuisine month is a way that passionate vegans all over the world can unite and share their like-minded thoughts and feelings towards veganism not only as a diet but as a lifestyle too. For many vegans, it is also a time to reflect upon their choices and the results of such choices as well as to bring awareness and guidance to others who may benefit from the advantages of living a vegan lifestyle.

How to Celebrate Vegan Cuisine Month?

international vegan cuisine month 2021

People celebrate vegan cuisine month in a multitude of different ways, some personal, some more elaborate but all in all in a positive and hopeful light. To celebrate vegan cuisine month you can

  • Try new recipes
  • Have vegan dinner parties
  • Host a vegan cooking class
  • Attend vegan cooking classes
  • Go out to your favorite vegan restaurants
  • Enjoy all of your favorite vegan foods, meals, and snacks
  • Support local vegan businesses
  • Try new vegan products
  • Take pictures of all your food and post them by tagging #VeganCusineMonth
  • Join local organizations
  • Find and introduce new vegan fiends to your community
  • Sign petitions support vegan movements
  • Share your knowledge with your local community
  • Have a look and older vegan cookbooks
  • Research and learn more about the vegan lifestyle
  • Reach out to those who may need support
  • Promote veganism, food, clothes, and various products that you support
  • Pay tribute to those who have been instrumental in allowing your current lifestyle to exist
when is vegan cuisine month

As you can see vegan cuisine month is an exciting and historic period of time for many vegans out there. It is a time to celebrate the enormous success that the vegan movement has brought about as well as a time to share this success and bring awareness to others who may benefit from this particular type of lifestyle and diet. Educating those around you is most important as the concept of veganism goes way beyond just eating a plant-based diet, by sharing your very own personal experiencing you may be able to help others and don’t forget to celebrate yourself and the part you have played within the vegan community and its developmental growth over the previous years.

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