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All about the Famous Vegan Doctors That Can Help You Heal through Plant-Based Foods

well known vegan doctors

Medicine and practices to help their healing and prevention processes. Vegan doctors are now in high demand because of the way they used plant-based foods and methods to support the healing of the immune system and the ability to fight illnesses and diseases. With harsh connotations surrounding medical drugs surfacing throughout the globe, people are seeking out different options for their medical needs. More and more people are seeking for a more natural way to treat themselves and plant-based diet doctors seams to be the right choice. Here’s why:

The Doctors Who Support Vegan Diets

Doctors are one of the most important entities of life as they provide an essential service to the population in which protocols they should take or maintain in order to recover from an illness or prevent certain illnesses from occurring. Advice that doctors give us are usually taken extremely seriously and in most cases in followed precisely. Vegan doctors however are taking a slightly different approach to medicine by using the vegan diet through copious amounts of research and experimentation. Luckily for us, there are several world-famous vegan doctors that are on the cutting edge of plant-based technology in the medical field. Here’s who they are and how their findings may be extremely beneficial to you:

Famous Plant-Based Doctors

Some of the most well known vegan doctors include:

Dr. Michael Greger a vegan doctor

Dr. Michael Greger

For all my fellow vegans out there if you are not following Dr.Micheal Greger I suggest you do so immediately. Doctor Greger was one of the first of many medical specialists to get involved in plant-based research and has been a crucial component of the entire medical transition. He has also created one of the largest vegan websites and blog sites, where you can find information, recipes, and testimonials, and the best part it’s all 100 percent free! He has created one of the best-selling books called “How Not to Die” and has helped people all over the world change their lives through following a completely balanced plant-based diet, which he deems responsible for the healing of the body.

Dr. Neal Barnard

vegan doctor Neal Barnard

Dr. Neal Barnard is a vegan medical doctor that has devoted the majority of his life towards understanding the direct link between how what we eat makes us feel. He just like Dr. Greger has written multiple books explaining his findings in an attempt to help others live an easier, healthier, and better-balanced lifestyle. He has also been a crucial part of several studies that aim to reverse the effects of Type 2 diabetes, which for many many people will be a life-changing finding, but all his research and experimentation comes from one root, veganism!

Dr. Colin Campbell

plant based diet Dr. Colin Campbell

Dr. Collin Campbell is a vegan doctor that has claimed the title of one of the most compelling vegetarian doctors of all time. He is most famous for his publishing of “The China Study’ in which he compares various diets from different villages in China and how they have such a large effect on the overhead of such people. He proved that diets high in animal products are associated with a higher risk of disease and that a plant-based focused diet produced lower death rates, which was a massive breakthrough for the vegan community.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

vegan friendly doctors

Dr. Calwell Esselstyn is a vegan MD that is one of the best of the best in the plant-based medical field, He focuses strongly on the connection between the plant-based diet and heart disease. He has been leading research teams and has discovered that heart disease is not only preventable but also reversible through a massive change in diet and lifestyle. He, like most of the other famous vegan doctors, has written countless books and articles on both his findings and how you can implement those findings into everyday life to create the change you wish to see within your body and its health.

As you can see, there is a multitude of doctors who advocate a vegan diets and are doing wonders within the medical field of the globe. The in-depth research and positive findings that they have come across have been a life-changing source of information for many people all around the world. If you are struggling with disease or hoping to prevent an illness that runs in the family or just simply trying to live a healthier lifestyle it is most definitely worth checking them out to learn more.

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