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Everything You Need to Know about All the Famous Vegan Movies and What They Entail


The veganism community has grown tremendously over the past ten years, with more information coming out about the meat industry, climate change, and health disasters an overwhelming amount of people have opted for a lifestyle change towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly plant-based diet. Whilst this fact is ongoing and the community is increasing so is the demand for movies about veganism as more people are interested in why a plant-based lifestyle may be a better alternative. There are many documentaries for vegans in which many elements of the diet and its reasons for existence are explored. To help you better understand why people choose to go vegan and why it may be of the utmost importance for your health, the environment, and the health and safety of animals and all living organisms, here are the best vegan movies for you to take a look at.

What Are the Best Movies about Going Vegan?

There are many different genres of vegan movies, but if your looking at just starting out your new plant-based life then taking a look at movies about going vegan are best suited for your needs. Some of the most famous vegan movies about veganism and going vegan include :


best vegan movies

Okja is a vegan food documentary that has recently been released just a few years ago in 2017 and immediately received rave reviews from audiences across the globe. This movie focuses on the relationship between man and animal and captures the audience through heartbreak and powerful quirks.

Food Inc

animal cruelty documentary

Food Inc is one of the most impactful and powerful films on veganism ever released and has even been classified as one of the best vegan movies to watch. Foof Inc was released in the year 2008 and dives deep into the way food has changed over the past fifty years. The movie questions the meat industry and its expansion according to population demand and how we are taking out of greed. The movie also goes into personal stories and well scientifically proven facts that help keep the audience engaged. This is one of the most recommended watches for vegan newcomers.


movies about veganism

On a different tone to both Okja and Food Inc, Earthlings has some of the most devastating scenes seen in the history of vegan movies. Released in 2005 vegan documentary focuses mostly on how the animals are treated in order to deliver the food we see, buy and eat within the meat industry. The gruesome and grim photography highlights what happens behind closed doors in a light that hits deep within the soul often turning people to look into veganism almost immediately.

Top Vegan Documentaries

Whilst we have already discussed some of the best vegan documentaries for newcomers, we have barely scratched the surface in terms of all the variety available to us in this day and age. With ao many documentaries about vegetarianism and veganism out there, your choice may become overwhelming. To help narrow down your options, here are some of the vegan movies about animals in a range of genres.

Vegan Movies List :


vegan diet documentary

One of the most highly recommend and also most watched vegan documentaries have to be a conspiracy. Cowspiracy turns light into how the meat industry affects many different aspects of life on earth and how its effects could be absolutely devastating for mankind in just a couple of years’ time. The excellent filming and range of information make this film one of the most captivating and heart-wrenching to ever exist and is a much watch for everyone.

What the Health

vegan food documentary

What the health is a vegan diet documentary that explores the health benefits aspects of veganism, one that is not as often as discussed as most but is of equal importance.What the health explores all the health benefits that come along with following a plant-based diet as well as how harmful animal products can be for our bodies especially in the long run and aim to show how we are misled by companies and brands in society.

Forks over Knives

vegan movies list

One of the best vegetarian movies is Forks and Knives as it follows in close proximity to what the health in which it promotes the benefits of whole food and plant-based diet and how we could not only save ourselves but our future offspring to come from many diseases and illnesses we see occurring today. Since the movie, they have also bought out a cookbook full of exciting recipes as well as many tips and tricks for following a vegan diet.


vegan movies to watch

Domination is an animal cruelty documentary that dives into the system behind meat production. This documentary about the meat industry shows the hidden secrets behind the food system using a variety of hidden cameras and spy technology to uncover the behind-the-scenes cruelty that occurs to animals through the process of making meat products. The documentary has received many rewards and has been highlighted for its depths of research and real-life footage, giving you first-hand experience of what occurs within the processes we cannot see and how much animals suffer as a result of producing the meat products we demand to see in grocery stores and on our dinner plates.

The Game Changers

vegetarian movies

One of the most famous and most well known vegan documentaries is The Game Changers that takes a slightly different approach o veganism and actually highlights the benefits it can bring to our lives, by using bodybuilders and the famous Arnold Schwarzenegger to tell real-life stories about their plant-based journeys and how it changes their lives for the better. It aims to act as a motivational source and shows how veganism is not exclusive.

As you can see there are many different vegan documentaries out there, all slightly different but with similar messages. If you are looking at switching towards a plant-based lifestyle watching documentaries such as these is a great way to start and educate yourself on all the ins and outs.

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