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Vegan Egg Substitute

what is a vegan substitute for eggs

The all humble egg is a very diverse ingredient and is not just eaten as a common breakfast dish across the world but is an important ingredient and element in baking. The role of the egg in baking is to act as a binder to allow the ingredients to come together and form a strong structure that helps keep the batter together to ensure a thick and stable base for most desserts. Eggs are incorporated into anything from cakes and cookies to bread and sauces but as vegans do not consume eggs as they come from animal’s vegan egg replacements are used as a substitute. Nowadays there are many egg replacer vegans that can use either to resemble eggs themselves or to act as the egg in baking and cooking.

Vegan Egg Substitute for Baking

vegan egg substitute for baking

So how do vegans replace eggs in baking? Well, one of the most commonly used vegan egg alternatives is applesauce. This vegan egg substitute helps to act as a moisture component making sure that all the dry ingredients stick together as well as bring moisture into the batter. It works great in cakes and cookies and doesn’t change the flavor at all. Applesauce is also easily found and is common in almost every grocery store. In order to replace the egg properly, you need to make sure you use the right amount of applesauce, using 1⁄4 cup replaces one egg and you can adjust this according to what the recipe calls for. Another vegan egg replacement for baking is flaxseed, this is used at some point or another by almost any vegan. By mixing ground flaxseed and water a thick paste-like substance is created with again replicates the combing and thickening properties of an egg. It is great in bread making as well as all baked goods from muffins to cupcakes and can even replace bread crumbs in things like meatballs and burgers. One tablespoon of ground flaxseed together with 3 tablespoons of water is the perfect replace lent to one egg. An easy and reliable egg replacement is actually bananas; only ripe bananas work for this one as the consistency has to be just right. Mashing up one ripe banana will replace one egg, it provides a lot of moisture and is often used in making pancakes as it gives an added flavor and sweetness too. Bear in mind that bananas are very dense fruit and the addition of extra baking powder may be necessary to avoid an uncooked middle.

Best Egg Replacer

best egg replacer

Some of the best vegan eggs used to replace those breakfast scrambles include tofu as well as some newly developed powders intended to make a substance as close to an egg in texture, smell, and taste are used. Tofu is probably the most commonly used egg replacement amongst vegans. Tofu scrambles have become increasingly popular and are meant to resemble scrambled eggs. Tofu is a great replacement as it contains high amounts of protein similar to eggs and can be broken down into small pieces to resemble scrambled eggs. It is also pretty flavorless which makes it a great base to absorb whatever flavor you add to it. Adding black salt to your tofu releases the eggy flavor. Black slat contains high amounts of Sulfur which release the smell of eggs and as gross as that may seem its actually works! It’s commonly used in Asian cuisine but is a great addition to savory egg dishes especially tofu as it captures the flavor perfectly. Tofu is also an excellent choice as the vegan egg ingredients for quiches, egg salads and lasagna create a great texture and flavor balance. It’s available at most grocery stores and is extremely versatile. Another great addition to tofu is turmeric, this spice is what gives the tofu a yellow color to look like eggs, so if your craving eggs, a tofu scramble is your best bet and there are so many recipe variations, you may just find your new go-to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Vegan Eggs

Newly added to the market “Just Egg”, a product developed to literally represent an egg but that’s completely plant-based which is the closet thing to actual egg vegans are going to get. Mung bean protein and turmeric are used in the making to accurately resemble the eggy texture and flavor of real eggs. Just egg can be cooked in the toaster, microwave, in the oven, or in a pan, its very simple to make and comes already prepared for you, packed full of flavor and protein it definitely passes the egg substitution test and has become available at many restaurants already.

vegan egg alternative

If you’re looking for an egg white substitute vegan ingredients like baking powder, baking soda and vinegar can be whipped together to form a light, fluffy and airy substance that is the perfect addition to meringues, soufflés, and most French desserts.

As you can see almost any recipe can be adapted and replaced by vegan, cruelty-free alternatives while still being able to achieve the same delicious flavors and textures.

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