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All the Best Countries for Vegans: Top-7 Countries to Be Visited

Best Countries for Vegans

When we think about veganism, we most commonly think about food. We think about plant-based alternatives to meat, and a lot of veggies come to mind. But have we ever considered different countries and how they cater to the vegan community?

While a country itself cannot really be vegan as there are so many things to consider including furniture, clothes, and day-to-day essentials which typically require the use of animals in some way or another, can it cater better towards vegans than others?

When we think about where we live, we also think about our lifestyle and how well the place we live in suits it. The truth is itself the same for veganism, there are vegan countries in the world that are largely more livable than others, and here’s why.

What Countries Are Vegan?

Whether you are considering taking a break and going on vaccination or simply picking up your entire life for something better, your choice is probably going to have a lot to do with your needs, in this case, veganism. When looking at the best countries for vegetarians and vegans, one needs to consider the food options available as well as the basic cultural food that will be offered to you on a large scale. Some countries, for example, have adopted the introduction of thousands of vegans with great gusto and dedicated time, the effort to money for adapting to the mass demand, whereas others have taken a slower less developed approach.

Most Vegan-friendly Countries to Travel to

Vegan-friendly Countries to Travel to

When considering traveling as a vegan, you want to make sure that all your needs are fully catered for. Luckily, there are many great vegan destinations that fully embrace the plant-based lifestyle and also make tasty and delicious delicacies. Some of the best countries for vegans include:


Israel is one of the most vegetarian countries and the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a wide range of different options and flavor combinations. Most traditional foods in Israel are naturally vegan and vegetarian, and they choose not to eat much meat. Apart from the beautiful coastal lines of Tel Aviv and historic landmarks, you will also find amazing food such as hummus and pita bread, a large variety of fresh traditional salads, and countless homemade falafels. They have also bought out hundreds of fully vegan restaurants and grocery stores that have created wild dishes such as mac and cheese and hamburgers.


Another one of the best countries to visit if you’re vegan is none other than India. The home of spice and intense flavors, it’s hard to beat the traditional vegetarian and vegan Indian food in the country itself. A lot of this has to do with religion and also economics, but we are not complaining. If you choose to visit India for your vegan preferences, make sure to include some staple dishes such as vegetarian samosas, biryani, pakoras, and chana masala, which are crowd-pleasing and packed full of hearty flavors.

United States

United States for vegans

The land of opportunity, The United States is home to thousands of vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, supermarkets, and delis and is at the heart of development when it comes to plant-based. In a country like America, not only will you find an ample amount of new vegan restaurants, but also hundreds of exciting products that you can try too. From vegan meats, cheeses, sweets, chocolates, and even pastries, you won’t have any issue getting around in the big cities. As one of the most vegan-friendly countries, America offers a huge amount of adventurous and tasty eating opportunities. From breakfast burritos to donuts, hamburgers, and cruelty-free on the go options, you wouldn’t be able to try them all even if you tried.


Another interesting destination to travel to as a vegan foodie is Thailand. Ranked as one of the top vegan countries in the world, Thailand offers a range of diverse options and unique flavors. Thailand prides themselves on their fresh produce including vegetables, fruit, herbs, and spices and creates naturally plant-based dishes to please the masses. Many of their traditional cuisines include rice and noodles, which is perfect when traveling as a vegetarian.


Mexico, Mexico, Mexico, where to start. There are so many wonderful vegan options in Mexico, you may never want to leave. From fresh guacamole to beans and rice, Mexico is thriving with hundreds of vegan and vegetarian options for all. While they are not necessarily busting with fully vegan-friendly restaurants, their traditional cuisine is delicious just as it comes. In almost all cafés, restaurants, and shops one can order a vegan alternative to the meal, this includes things such as tacos, burritos, bowls, nachos, tortillas, and a whole lot more.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom for vegans

Just like the United States, the UK has gained an increasingly high amount of fully vegan restaurants. They have catered for all types everywhere and the place is practically bursting with opportunities. From their grocery store chains to fast food stands and restaurants, there is absolutely nothing you can’t find in the UK. They are very supportive of the plant-based lifestyle and creating a more sustainable life, which shows in their foodie hotspots. Almost every menu in the country now has either a vegetarian or vegan option, and there are so many to choose from you may be rolling home afterward.


Indonesia is a hidden gem for vegans. You may have seen countless açaí bowls being posted on Instagram and jungle views surrounding them. That is Bali, the home of fresh produce and the greatest-tasting fruits and vegetables. Bali has become a haven for vegans all over the world, who choose it as a destination based on the fact that they get to eat like kings and queens. However, it’s a different kind of vegan experience as it’s a very natural and not a highly processed option. They really take plant-based as it comes and uses the resources that are directly available to them on their land, but the taste is unmatched.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are so many vegan and vegetarian-friendly countries to can travel to. In each f these listed, you will securely be able to find an ample amount of vegan foodie options to satisfy your belly throughout each day of your travels.

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