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The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals: How to Choose A Speedy Dinner

The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals

Sometimes we all need a quick and easy meal, something that doesn’t take any preparation or much time to cook but is still nutritious and delicious. Frozen vegan meals are the perfect solution to the problem. Something you can keep in the freezer for extended periods of time and just use exactly when and where you need it.

Luckily for us vegans, frozen meals have grown massively incapacity, and we now have access to tons of healthy and delicious plant-based frozen meals. The only thing about frozen meals that can appear to be difficult is actually knowing how they taste. The truth is, you simply just don’t know until you try, and that’s why we have compiled a list of some of the best for you to choose from.

The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals

What defines a good frozen meal? Apart from something quick and easy, we also want a frozen meal that is tasty and satisfying. Good meatless frozen food should be packed full of flavor, have all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need and apart from the cheeky treat should be moderately healthy. The great thing for us is that there are many great vegan frozen food brands that have come up with some of the most interesting and tasty meals for our enjoyment. From macaroni and cheese to burritos and curries we have so much to choose from, there is no need to skimp on taste and flavour. There is also something for everyone, whether you are looking for vegan gluten-free frozen meals, light snacks or even a hearty dinner meal they’ve got it all.

The Best Vegan Frozen Meals

To help make your decision a little easier when it comes to stoking up your freezer with all the best plant-based goodness, we have compiled a list of the greatest vegan and best vegetarian microwave meals in stores today. Some of these delicacies include:

Amys Kitchen

The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals Amys Kitchen

Amy’s kitchen is a brand that delivers many plant-based meal options. They have an entirely vegan line that is sure to satisfy all of your cravings and the rave reviews speak volumes. The brand offers frozen meals including spinach ravioli, Mexican casserole, broccoli and cheese bake and quinoa and black bean bowl in their low calorie vegan frozen meals range.


The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals Kashi

Kashi which originally started as a brand selling cereal has now expanded to delicious meals that can be found in the freezer. Some of the yummy Kashi healthy vegan frozen meals include black bean and mango rice bowls, creamy cashew noodles and polenta plantain bowls which all provide great nutritional information too.

Healthy Choice

The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice is a classic freezer selection option, they have been around for a large amount of time, but they are tried and tested and delicious every time. They offer many vegan frozen meal options, including cauliflower curry bowls and a light falafel and tahini entree. They are packed full of protein, complex carbohydrates, fats and all the vitamins and minerals needed to sustain a healthy and happy body. Their high protein vegan frozen meals are available at almost every grocery store, and their wide variety makes it easy to put together a full meal In just minutes.


The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals Gardein

When you think of vegan alternatives, Gardien always comes into mind. They are a classic and timeless brand that has supported the vegan community for years, introducing products such as vegan sausages, burgers and even chicken nuggets. Most people don’t know that apart from all these products, they also have a veggie frozen meal range that is just as tasty and easy. Gardien’s frozen meals include a chicken fajita bowl, pasta dishes and even a sausage, potato, and kale breakfast bowl for the rush hour mornings.

Lean Cusine

The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals Lean Cusine

If you are looking for something quick and easy but don’t want to disturb your weight loss or muscle gain goals, then lean cuisine is the perfect brand for you. They specialize in making vegan microwavable meals that are good for your health, lower in calories and a well-balanced alternative to a homemade meal. Their vegan range includes delicious frozen meals such as coconut chickpea curry and Sicilian-style pesto and lentil pasta. They are easy, delicious and nutritious meals that can be prepared in just a matter of minutes. So now you can enjoy your meal and feel good about it too.

Cedarlane Foods

The Best Plant-Based Frozen Meals Cedarlane Foods

Cedarlane Foods has one of the biggest vegan frozen meals’ selections of all the brands and is dedicated to creating tasty and hearty food that comes straight from the freezer. They have many comforting dishes including shepherd’s pie, veggie lasagna, and vegan enchiladas in a bit red and green sauce. They also offer some yummy frozen vegetarian snacks to help ensure that busy vegans have the ability to stick to their plant-based lifestyle without missing out. The brand is dedicated to creating new and exciting vegan meals and is always coming up with products to test and try for achieving ultimate satisfaction.

As you can see there are many brands that have created delicious, healthy, and nutritious frozen vegan meals to fit right into a busy lifestyle. Apart from the brands, we have already discussed some others also including Trader Joe’s, Wholly Veggie, Saffron Road, and Chao.

Luckily for us vegans, there are so many great brands that are offering a large variety of different vegan frozen meals. Whether you fancy something light and healthy or warm and comforting, the frozen section most definitely has you covered on those busy days. So the next time you’re at the grocery store, why not stock up on some of these tasty vegan frozen meals to ensure you’re all backed up for emergencies. There is something for everyone to choose from and a meal that everyone can enjoy.

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