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Vegan Honey Alternatives

natural honey

Natural honey is considered one of the most nutritious and useful products but at what cost?

Veganism excludes all products which are produced by exploiting animals and other living creatures. Although bees can’t feel such a wide emotional specter as mammals do, beekeeping is considered as cruel and unnatural business.

Bees are put under tremendous stress by beekeepers and they need honey much more than people do. By the way, a human being can easily live and develop without honey while the bees can’t fully function and breed without this essential product.

Apiary bees suffer a lot due to the specificity of this inhumane industry. Bees get traumatized during the honey harvesting as well as beekeepers deny them natural and useful nutrition. Bees need honey to cope with seasonal changes and wintertime as well as to successfully breed from year to year.

Beekeepers harvest bee honey and replace it with artificial substitutes that can’t cover the needs of the beehive. The bee population is degrading and the survival of entire bee species could be placed under a big question in the future.

So How Can We Substitute Honey to Not Harm the Bees and Save This Vitally Important for the Planet Species?

substitute honey
  • Dried fruits can easily substitute honey in baking and ordinary meals. You can add them to your oatmeal or a cake if you want to bake something tasty.
  • Numerous fruit syrups are able to satisfy any gourmet. Maple syrup has a special place among all of them. Maple syrup has a similar honey taste and texture characteristics and is considered the most universal and tasty fruit syrup throughout the world. Maple syrup is a perfect option if you want to cover your pancakes or waffles with something sweet and tasty. Dandelion, apple, rice, coconut, beet, and agave syrups will sweeten up any dish without taste worsening. Each of these syrups has specific nutritious benefits and you can choose the one that suits you the most.
  • Stevia is the world-famous sugar substitute that can be used in desserts, beverages, and bakery preparation. Stevia doesn’t contain sugar or fructose so it’s the healthiest and most preferred sweetener and it is way sweeter than honey or sugar.
honey alternatives

These honey alternatives can suit you perfectly and you can significantly benefit your health by combining these incredible and nutritious products. But what is most important, these products don’t harm wildlife and bees.

Honey is nutritious but each of us can find a better way to benefit our health and make our dishes tasteful.

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