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Vegan Hot Dogs

veggie hot dogs

Everyone loves a summer barbecue, laying out in the garden with the whole family, having a beer or two with the smoky meaty smell wafting into your nose from the scorching hot grill, mouth salivating for a juicy, messy delicious hot dog freshly made by the old man himself. Yes, I think we can all relate to these memories, but it wouldn’t be the same without the hot dogs. For all my vegans out there don’t panic you’re not about to miss out on the next family grill and chill there’s a hot dog just for you and here’s all you need to know to ensure your barbecue matches up to all the expectations.

What Are Veggie Hot Dogs Made Of?

You’re probably wondering what are vegan hot dogs made of? Well, that’s a great question, lucky for you a large number of meat alternative brands have produced vegan hot dogs. A replica of the good old dog except for meat-free and plant-based, using soy protein as the meat and the addition of a variety of herbs and spices these faux hot dogs are as close as it comes to the real thing.

Best Vegan Hot Dogs

meatless hot dogs

Each brand of meatless hot dogs tastes a little bit different, some are more of a faux meat taste and texture whereas others are more veggie-focused and differ in flavor but none less there are enough versions out there for you to find the one that makes your heart sing. Number one: Tofurky, their plant-based hot dogs come in a few different flavors from Italian to spinach pesto they are a great alternative packed full of flavor and grill perfectly, mixed with a little bit of ketchup and mustard they definitely pass the hot dog test. Another great brand to check out is the brand Beyond Meat, with their well-known burger-making its way into every vegan’s household they have now released the Beyond Sausage, for a real take on feeling like your eating the real thing, its smells feels, and tastes as close to a hot dog as you can get you probably even fool the whole family into believing it was animal-based instead of a purely vegetable hot dog. These are also some of the best vegetarian hot dogs and allow for anyone and everyone to enjoy with no worry insight.

How to Make Veg Hot Dog

Once you’ve found the brand you going to use cooking them is simple. Usually, most dogs are boil in water for around two or 3 minutes and then transferred onto any heat surface you like, for example, you could use the oven for real crispiness or searing them on a pan until charred on both sides of the god old fashioned way –straight onto the hot grill. Whichever way you choose they cook very quickly and because they are plant-based you don’t have to worry about them being raw or undercooked! These dogs are so good they could be eaten for every meal of the day but are hot dogs bad for you? Well, in fact, they are actually much healthier for you than a regular hot dog, since it’s not as processed in contains a lot lower cholesterol, fat, and calories, so eaten in moderation they are great for you and provide a good amount of protein.

vegetable hot dog

So if you need your hot dog fix there are so many great versions out there for you to enjoy, whether you choose a vegetarian hot dog or a fully vegan hot dog, you’re sure to be completely satisfied and you might as well share some of the goodness with the whole family at your next barbecue.

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