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Vegan Ice Cream Without Animal Products as a Help in the Fight Against Climate Change

Vegan Ice Cream Without Animal Products

New vegan ice cream is worth your attention. If you’re ready to support the environment and want to fight the climate crisis, try this product.

The Urgent Company of California and their Brave Robot brand now sells plant-based ice cream. At first glance, it’s a familiar sweet treat, but it’s not that simple. This ice cream helps consumers save greenhouse gas emissions by driving 40 times around the globe.

After selling more than a million pints of Brave Robot ice cream, the company has become a leader in production.

Production Technology

To produce animal-free ice cream, Perfect Day inserts the DNA sequence of a cow into the microflora. The microflora itself then creates a protein that can be used to make vegan products that are absolutely identical to dairy products. This alternative is better for the planet because it is lactose-free and avoids animal exploitation.

Brave Robot launched retail sales last summer season. But this year the chain is expanding to more than 5,000 stores and adding eight flavors: vanilla, butter pecan, blueberry pie, raspberry white truffle, vanilla cookie, sweet fudge, hazelnut chocolate and an immeasurable amount of chocolate.

Vegan Ice Cream from a Brave Robot

Identical Dairy Products in the Public Marketplace

After the success of the Brave Robot brand, the company launched a second plant-based product: a vegan cake mix. This mix replaces about three eggs with whey protein and requires only oil and water to prepare.

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