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Vegan Milk Substitutes

best non dairy milk substitutes

Vegan Milk Alternatives

Nowadays there are so many different varieties of dairy substitutes, alternatives, and replacements. As the vegan movement has grown we have become more inventive in discovering all the alternative and more healthy ways of creating “milk” by using only natural and plant-based ingredients only. This innovation has not only given vegans the ability to enjoy the creaminess and uses of milk but also for those with allergies and intolerances to enjoy too and of course, we are saving the environment and helping animal cruelty along with it all.

Vegan Dairy Substitute

There is many dairy-free milk subs that can easily and deliciously replace all your milk uses perfectly and here are some you might consider as your vegan milk replacement.

Soy Milk

vegan dairy substitute

One of the first and best vegan milk substitutes is soy milk. Soy milk is made from soybeans and is high in protein and many beneficial vitamins and minerals. Soy milk has the same smooth consistency as regular milk and works perfectly in warm beverages such as coffee, tea, and even hot chocolate. It is great for those who suffer from lactose intolerance and finds dairy-filled milk hard to digest, thus soy milk provides the perfect replacement so that all can enjoy the purpose, flavor, and added value of milk.

Almond Milk

One of the best non-dairy milk alternatives is almond milk. This was one of the first vegan milk substitutes made from nuts, in this case, almonds, it has a nutty underlying flavor and processing almonds and water provide a beautifully smooth, and creamy texture. It is great for those following a vegan diet and also works great in baking. Almond milk is produced by a variety of brands and now comes in many different flavors.

Oat Milk

One of the healthiest plant-based milk that of oat milk. Oat milk is made from oats and is naturally gluten-free, the consistency is quite thick and has become of huge demand within the vegan community. Nowadays you can also get oat milk in flavors such as chocolate and vanilla and even dairy lovers happily enjoy it as a replacement. It is one of if not the most eco-friendly milk alternatives out there and its creators such as the big brand Oatly have been praised for their innovation and creativity amongst the diary-free community. Oat milk is also high in fiber and is free from nuts, soy, and GMO’s making it suitable for almost anyone.

Rice Milk

what is a good replacement for milk

Another great vegan milk substitute is rice milk which is surprise made from rice. Rice milk is great as it behaves in the same way milk does and is the perfect replacement not only for your beverages and cereals but also for any baking or cooking using dairy based milk. It is also a great source of healthy carbohydrates and provides a great amount of energy and protein but is also low in fat. It also contains a good amount of calcium, vitamin D, and the most lacking vitamin B12.

Coconut Milk

Yet another “nut” milk available as a plant-based alternative is that of coconut milk. Coconut milk has actually been around for a very very long time and is often used in traditional Thai, Vietnamese, and even Indian dishes. It is made from the white flesh that is found on the inside of a coconut and is considered to be one of the creamiest versions of plant-based milk out there as it is very thick and rich. Coconut milk is high in fats but also provides a good source of vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, and selenium. Coconut milk has also been proven to help reduce inflammation and help your body to fight viruses and bacterias.

Some Other Plant-Based Milk Alternatives Include

vegan milk replacement
  • Cashew Milk
  • Macadamia Nut Milk
  • Hazelnut Milk
  • Hemp Milk
  • Spelt Milk

As you can see there is an enormous variety of plant-based milk alternatives that are perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and those suffering from intolerances to enjoy. They all have healthy and nutritional benefits and are great tasting substitutes to your staple dairy product.

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