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Vegan Non-vegan Relationships

vegan dating non vegan

Vegan Dating Non-vegan

Choosing to go vegan and change up your entire lifestyle and diet to align with your morals concerning animal rights and environmental effects is a drastic lifestyle and mindset that not all can understand. However this does not mean that you have to date vegan people. Dating someone or being in a relationship with someone with opposing views is impossible, it just may take a little extra work and possibly some deeper consideration into what you find acceptable or not and how much of an impact a particular diet has on the quality of your life.

Can a Vegan Date a Meat Eater?

vegan married to a meat eater

Well of course they can, there is, for example, a vegan married to a meat-eater that are in a healthy and happy relationship and have the ability to put their diet choices aside, compromise, and accept one another. The diet you choose while that may say a lot about a person is only a tiny piece of the whole puzzle. You may love that person and all their attributes without even knowing about the diet they follow, so the biggest question you have to ask yourself is if you removed their diet out of the picture would you still love them, or is that passion more overwhelming and important?

People also choose their lifestyle and diet for different reasons, reasons that of course are most beneficial to them and while a vegan diet may work for you, it may not work for someone else and vice versa. One of the biggest tips for dating a non-vegan is to try and educate them, instead of making them feel bad about consuming animal products and not understanding the harmful effects it has on the animal itself, the environment, and their health, rather turn to knowledge, let them know the reasons why you choose the lifestyle and diet you did and the positive effect it can have. This is one of the biggest things you can do as you simply cannot force someone to change the way they eat, the food they enjoy, and their overall diet but what you can do is try to explain why you choose what you do.


vegan dating non vegan

Another piece of advice when dating a non-vegan is the key concept of acceptance, you want the other person to understand and accept your choices and support you through your journey to the best of their ability, right? Exactly so you will need to do that for your spouse too, if you love them for who they are without considering their diet the why let the relationship be ruined over that? rather try accepting their decision and giving them some space and maybe they will choose to make a change at a later point or when they are ready and educated enough to do so.

One of the greatest pieces of advice I can give for vegan and non-vegan relationships is a compromise, for example, your weekly dinners, create plant-based alternatives of their favorite meals and let them try it and see if the number one notice the difference and number two actually enjoy it. Cooking together and eating together whether those meals be the same, similar, or different is a great way to get over the somewhat scary thought of dating someone who doesn’t quite see or have the same morals as you according to your diet and lifestyle choices.

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