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Vegan Nuggets: Vegan Chicken Will Appear in KFC Restaurants in China for the First Time

vegan nuggets kfc

China KFC had launched vegan nuggets in several locations with the producing help of the Cargill food company. Vegan products had been sold in cities of Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

This innovative move was destined for success because several vegan companies that were launched in other countries by KFC were highly successful. Vegan companies in the UK, Canada, and the USA have shown that the wide public enthusiastically accepts all-vegan initiatives either they’re beverages or solid foods.

Hundreds of locations in the USA had tested vegan options during this winter and most all of them had shown a high demand compared to animal-based alternatives. Fast-food corporations had bored a significant part of people with their unchanging animal-based meals and people crave for ethical and meat-free alternatives.

Vegan alternatives mainly save the taste and smell of similar animal-based products and they’re much more desirable right now than animal-based alternatives.

KFC is the largest fast-food chain in China and considering China’s population level even a small shift of eating preferences towards plant-based alternatives may have a huge environmental impact.

The meat processing industry viciously harms the environment and plant-based alternatives are way safer for our planet and society as well as their impact on our health.

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