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How To Order Vegan at Dominos: Everything You Need To Know about Dominos Vegan Pizza

Vegan options in dominos

When it comes to pizza and fast food in general, we all have that one guilty pleasure. A Saturday night craving for a greasy cheesy takeaway pizza usually ends with ordering Dominos, but for us, vegans, it is not always that easy. The vegan menu domino’s offers can not only be limited by also very confusing when it comes to their veggie options and what is actually plant-based.

What Is Vegan at Dominos?

Dominos is America’s most loved fast-food chain when it comes to getting a takeaway pizza, the sheer variety they offer along with their affordable price leaves people coming back for more every time. While Dominos is most well known for their pizza they also have other options on their menus including salads, pasta, and even sandwiches. While there may not be stipulated vegan options popping up on the menu in the Dominos closest to you, there are in fact many dominos vegan options to go with.

Dominos Vegan Pizza Options

Dominos Vegan Pizza Options

Is Domino’s Pizza vegan? Well, let’s start with the main event, Domino’s Pizza. The most asked question when it comes to Domino’s Pizza is “does Dominos have vegan cheese?” While many of the Dominos stores in both the United Kingdom and Australia supply vegan cheese, the chain across the United States actually don’t and so unfortunately as of right now you simply just cannot get vegan cheese at this place. This, however, does not mean you can’t still enjoy a deliciously warm and topping-filled pizza. As a vegan ordering, a cheeseless pizza dominos is the way to go. You have a variety of choices including:

Making Your Own Pizza:

While you can choose an existing pizza off the menu and just remove the cheese and any unwanted toppings, I’ve found that the best way to enjoy your vegan dominos pizza is to design one yourself. Luckily for us, the Dominos Pizza bases are already naturally vegan so you don’t even have to worry about that. But is dominos crust vegan too? As far as the crust goes to can chomp that down too, it’s fully plant-based! As for the base sauces, you have two options: either barbecue or tomato, depending on your preference. Next, go ham on the toppings, the more you add, the more satisfying your meal will be. Dominos vegan toppings options including :

  • Olives;
  • Pineapple;
  • Green peppers;
  • Onions;
  • Garlic;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Artichokes;
  • Sweetcorn;
  • Baby spinach;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Roasted red peppers.

How To Order Vegan at Dominos

When it comes to ordering from any takeout restaurant I also find that the best thing to do is just let them know you are vegan just to ensure they’re not adding any animal-based products to your meal and make you aware of any hidden animal products in the food. While Dominos does specialize in pizza, their other meal options are really great too and there are some yummy vegan options in the mix.


How To Order Vegan at Dominos

If you are craving pasta over a pizza, Dominos doesn’t come shy of delicious, however, it’s a little more tricky. The penne pasta Dominos sells is luckily already vegan, but the marinara sauce it typically comes with contains dairy products. If you want to get the best for your buck I recommend getting pasta and just loading up on the veg.


Vegan Salad at Dominos

Whether you’re trying to eat a little healthier, stick to your diet over the weekend, or simply just craving something a little fresher, a hearty salad is the option for you. Order the garden salad, but make sure you say no to cheese and croutons as these elements are not vegan. When it comes to the dressing, Dominos actually has an array of vegan options such as:

  • Kraft Catalina;
  • Kens golden Itaialn;
  • Kens lite balsamic with olive oil vinaigrette;
  • Marzetti Balsamic vinaigrette;
  • Marzetti Golden Italian.


Domino's vegan sandwiches

If the choice between pasta, pizza, and salad wasn’t enough for you, you have a vegan sandwich choice too. Lucky for us Dominos bread is already vegan. Just like the pizza you can opt to create your own sandwich, or choose the Mediterrane Veggie Sandwich without cheese. it comes with roasted red peppers, banana peppers, diced tomatoes, spinach, onions, and a delicious sauce.


Sauces options at Domino's for vega n

If you’re looking for a little cheeky dip for your pizza or sandwich youor options at Dominos are:

  • Garlic sauce;
  • Hot buffalo;
  • Italian sauce.

Dessert at Dominos

Desserts in Domino's for vegan

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and are craving a little extra after your meal, then let’s take a look at your Dominos dessert options. Dominos cookies are loved, but are Dominos cinnamon sticks vegan? These are where it’s really at, and if you’re a hard-core fan you know what I mean. Unfortunately, the vegan cinnamon sticks contain dairy, meaning they are not vegan friendly., They can, however, be recreated at home in a relatively easy and simple manner.

Now That You Know

So now you have a clearer idea of the variety of things you can order at Dominos as well as how to order them and what things you should avoid.

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