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Is Papa John’s Pizza Vegan? Suggestions on the Menu for Preferable Vegan Food!

vegan options at papa john's

Papa John’s is one of the five largest pizza deliveries in the United States, serving almost perfect pizza for a variety of customer tastes and desires. Despite this, Papa John’s vegan menu appeared much later than its competitors. But that doesn’t mean their vegan offerings are just starting to emerge, as there are plenty to choose from! Today we’ll show you what Papa John’s dairy-free menu and other vegan offerings are, as well as answer frequently asked questions from vegan consumers.

Vegan Options at Papa John’s

papa john’s dairy-free menu

Let’s start with the main dish of this establishment: pizza. Does Papa John’s have vegan pizza? There is something to choose from even for those who don’t consume cheese and meat products. You can opt for a special offer like Garden Fresh Pizza With No Cheese. Inside there are pizzas with peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and olives.

It is worth noting that the thick pizza dough isn’t vegan, as it contains eggs and cow’s milk, which makes it even thicker and fluffier. So if you want to order dairy-free pizza Papa John’s for yourself, select the classic standard dough.

By the way, you can create your own ideal papa John’s vegan pizza yourself. This can be done when ordering via the Internet, and of course in live establishments. Here’s what you can do for yourself:

  • Choose a suitable crust: regular (thin), or pan (thick, which are no longer vegan);
  • Cheese: you can add it, or skip this addition altogether, and if you live in Europe, then vegan cheese is already available for you;
  • We select the perfect set of toppings: exclude all meat, and only fresh mushrooms, pineapple, chopped onions, green peppers, black olives, green olives, chopped jalapenos, banana peppers, or tomatoes are left (choose the combination that you like right now);
  • Choosing a sauce: here again, we exclude meat options, and there is garlic, classic for pizza, with red pepper, or special seasoning.
is papa john's garlic sauce vegan

You don’t have to re-create your pizza. Instead, you can opt for a pizza with a suitable topping, and simply skip the addition of cheese on top, leaving the crust with the sauce and filling.

Here are some more vegan suggestions:

  • Breadsticks;
  • Pizza sauce/garlic sauce/with red pepper/buffalo/BBQ/ with special seasonings.

Unfortunately, the last few menu updates aren’t suitable for vegans, which significantly reduces the number of interesting offerings. At Papa John’s British establishments, you can already find more interesting things, for example, potato and cheese dips, and even fried “wings” from cauliflower, which are simply incomparable. We hope that after a while they would be able to appear in all other pizzerias so that you too can enjoy these proposals.

The same story goes for desserts. All pizzeria offers in the USA and Canada contain products with cow’s milk and eggs in desserts. And in the British, there are Nutella scrolls (bites), which also haven’t yet left Europe.

What about drinks? We think you can pick something for yourself from the following list:

  • Mountain Dew Classic and Sugar-Free;
  • Pepsi, and Pepsi Zero;
  • Sierra Mist;
  • Bottled water from Aquafina.

Here’s what else vegans should know about Papa John’s pizza. It is important that the pizzeria staff can use the same knife for meat and vegetables if there is meat in the pizza. The knives should be washed here every two hours, as well as after cutting hot peppers and anchovies. But if you don’t want your vegetables to be sliced with the same knife as the meat, you can ask the chef to wash them before he prepares the pizza for you.


Is Papa John’s Garlic Sauce Vegan?

The most popular and frequently purchased sauce on this chain is, of course, garlic sauce. And luckily, yes, it is vegan. It is significant to note that it contains no butter, but soybean oil, which allows vegans to consume it. Anything you dip in this sauce would be delicious, and we think you’ll agree with that when you taste it.

Are Papa John’s Garlic Knots Vegan?

The garlic knots contain their original dough, with the addition of grated Parmesan. They are sprinkled with grated Parmesan on top, which is why they cannot be considered vegan. Instead, you can try Papa John’s vegan crust by dipping them in garlic sauce.

Are Papa John’s Breadsticks Vegan?

Yes, they can be considered vegan too. Since all the dough is vegan, these sticks are made from it. As we said, they would go perfectly with garlic sauce.

Does Papa Johns Have Vegan Cheese?

All cheese that is used here is made from animal milk, which cannot be consumed by vegans. But if you want pizza, you can easily order yourself not to add cheese with pizza, and also meat. It may not be so boring if you add that garlic sauce that we already mentioned. It’s already possible to add vegan cheese in Europe, so you can expect this update soon in the US and Canada.

Are Papa Johns Vegan Sides Gluten-Free?

The original dough recipe for all pizzas contains wheat flour, and therefore cannot yet be called suitable for those who don’t consume gluten. The pizza chain is currently trying to develop gluten-free vegan pizza options that even include vegan meat, but this is in the making in the US and Canada. We think we were able to answer is Papa John’s pizza vegan and other questions that everyone may have. We recommend that you try each of the vegan suggestions. Surely most of them would be pleasant to you, or maybe this would become the most delicious delivery for you?

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