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Vegan Pets – Is It Safe and Humane?

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There’re a lot of herbivorous animals in nature besides ruminants and carnivorous species. Koalas, chickens, buffalos, giraffes, elephants, and mooses – their number is too big to count them all but the one significant characteristic ties them together. They’re herbivorous and they don’t eat meat.

People started to ask themselves – could their pets become vegans like they did? Increased popularity and interest in veganism possessed the masses to raise such kinds of questions.

A lot of debates and discussions were taken in order to find out and finally clarify – can our pets become vegans? The answers differed. But there’s a lot of examples of successful pets’ transition to veganism.

The imposition of a vegan diet to pets is often being harshly condemned by society. Many people consider that such kind of nutrition is against nature.

It is commonly-known that vegan ration is healthy and brings numerous benefits for humans. But it was learned that vegan ration can be fully suitable for pets such as dogs and cats.

Plant-Based Nutrition for Animals

James O’Hare, the modern publicist and writer who specializes in plant-based nutrition, states that dogs can receive all necessary amino acids, minerals, and nutrients with a well-balanced vegan ration.

Though it is very hard to follow a well-balanced and fully-nutritious vegan diet all by yourself and it is much harder to develop the right and well-balanced diet for your pet. James O’Hare says that any person can develop such a diet for his pet by implementing great effort.

Vegan feeds include all necessary nutrition ingredients and their variety is overwhelming. Vegan nutrition supplements, vitamins, and plant-based nutrition products can help anyone to transit cat or dog to a vegan diet. Well-designed and developed feeds’ tastes and varieties will please any pet, even picky cat’s taste.

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