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Vegan Picnic Ideas

vegan picnic menu

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Picnics are the perfect way to gather a group of your friends or family together, enjoy bite-sized treats, and indulge in an outdoor activity full of fun. One of the most important aspects of creating the perfect picnic is most definitely the food. Picking great vegan picnic food means that everyone taking part can enjoy it. I’ll be sharing some of the best vegan picnic foods and easy vegan picnic recipes to help you ensure your picnic fantasies come true!

Vegan Picnic Food Ideas

When thinking about a vegan picnic menu one of the first things that come to mind is the aspect of sharing, you want everyone to get their hands in and enjoy a little bit of everything. Things such as pasta salads, little sandwiches, dips with a multitude of accompaniments, and of course, pastries and little desserts all come into mind. When gathering for a picnic you also want to make sure that the dishes you create can be easily transported, stored safely, and kept fresh.

You kind of want to create appetizers, a main, and some desserts that can all be eaten simultaneously on the same plate, and the key for this is variety variety variety! Having options and choices to load up your plate with and get a little bit of everything is what makes the foodie aspect of picnics so perfect.

Vegan Picnic Recipe

Here are some great ideas of vegan picnic dishes that are simple and easy to make and are a definite crowd-pleaser.


vegan picnic potluck recipes

Hummus is the perfect accompaniment to any picnic, firstly because it is delicious and secondly because almost anything can be dipped into it and taste good. You can make hummus at home from scratch by blending chickpeas, oil, and garlic together or simply opt for the wide variety of store-bought versions. To go with your hummus bring along some chopped-up vegetables like cucumbers, carrots, and celery as well as some chips such as tortilla chips or pita chips which I find works best with a good hummus.


Having a large salad or salads of some sort is a great addition to any picnic meal, they are fresh and light yet satisfying and easily shared and eaten with not much work. One of my go-to picnic salad recipes has definitely got to be the good old pasta salad. Simply boil some pasta and add cherry tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, bell pepper, and corn and cover in a pesto sauce or vinaigrette of your choice and store in the fridge until it’s time for the picnic. This is great because not only is it super easy to make but holds well in the outdoors and is loved by everyone from the young kids to the grannies and grandpas.


vegan picnic dishes

I find that having some sort of fruit at a picnic really makes it feel summery and different. One could create a fruit platter with fruits that are in season or perhaps some fruit skewers where everyone can take one. Berries and watermelon are the top fruits for serving at a picnic because they are light and refreshing and also easy to transport and create little mess.

Wraps / Sandwiches

Having mini sandwiches or wraps is definitely a must for creating the perfect picnic. Little bite-sized varieties make it easy to get a taste of everything without getting to full up. Sandwiches with eggplant and avocado or wraps with chickpea mayo are great additions and the options are endless, you can fill your bread with whatever ingredients you wish.

Vegan Picnic Potluck Recipes

vegan picnic food ideas

Picnics are the perfect adventure to bring in potluck style in which everyone is responsible for bringing one or more dishes, in that way it forms a communal bond and makes an equal share of work. Family style dishes like potato salad, roasted vegetable skewers, and large salads are perfect for a fantastic outdoor picnic. Little dessert recipes like mini cupcakes, pastries, and perhaps a cake to share will provide a much needed sweet element to satisfy all the cravings and create the best picnic experience for all.

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