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Vegan Sources of Calcium

good sources of calcium for vegans

Mostly it is believed that our main source of calcium comes from dairy-based products however as vegans this is not a suitable or diet-friendly resource for obtaining enough calcium required to keep strong and healthy bodies. So how do vegans get calcium? Well, luckily enough calcium is present in many plant-based natural foods that are good sources of calcium for vegans. Calcium is an extremely important mineral for our bones, development, and overall health and thus understanding how to get calcium as a vegan and what the best veg sources of calcium are is imperative.

Where Do Vegans Get Calcium?

There are many different calcium sources vegan diets permit and when avoiding animal and dairy-based products it’s important we focus on including calcium-rich vegan foods into our daily meals to ensure we are getting enough to maintain bone structure, growth, and development. Vegan foods with calcium include a variety of leafy green vegetables, soy-based products, Beans and their derivatives, specific nut types, and well as many others. By understanding and knowing about vegan foods with calcium one can easily achieve the target calcium intake daily.

Best Vegan Sources of Calcium

High calcium vegan foods include:

Soy Products

vegan foods with calcium

Soy products are made from a plant-based ingredient know as soybeans, soybeans are naturally rich in calcium as well as many other important vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Soy products are often recreated into vegan meat alternatives but also come in the form of tofu, tempeh, and satan. Soy products can easily be added to meals by directly switching out your main source of protein with all the available varieties of vegan meat replacements, they can be enjoyed in sandwiches, curries, salads, and many other delicious dishes.

Beans, Lentils, Peas

Some other high calcium vegan foods include beans, lentils, and peas. Peas and especially beans and lentils are extremely rich in protein, fiber, and of course calcium. There are also multiple varieties of these foods that can be eaten such as kidney beans, white beans, chickpeas, black beans, green and red lentils. Chickpeas are one of the greatest as they can be eaten on their own, bought in snack form, incorporated into salads and curries, or eaten in the form of the famous dip hummus. These calcium sources are best to absorb into the body when soaked, sprouted, or fermented.

Leafy Green Vegetables

where do vegans get calcium

Not many vegetables actually contain high amounts of calcium however dark leafy green vegetables are great and rich in calcium. These vegetables include spinach, bok choy, collard greens as well as turnip and should be eaten along with a variety of other foods. Some other rich in calcium vegetables include cabbage, kale, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. Boiling these vegetables will also really help your body to absorb all of the essential nutrients it contains.


Most if not all nuts contain some form of calcium even if it’s in a very small amount. This is a great way to give yourself a little extra boost by grabbing a couple as a snack on the go or even incorporating them into your breakfast, as salad toppers, or within energy bars. Almonds and brazil nuts are the best nut sources of calcium but all nuts have amazing benefits and are great antioxidants for your body.


high calcium vegan foods

One of the best sources of calcium for vegans is that of seeds and their butter and oil derivatives. Chia seeds as well as flax seeds contain great amounts of calcium and can easily be masked in smoothies or protein shakes. Tahini is a delicious paste or butter that is made from sesame seeds and is delicious as a dressing or salads as well as often used in creating desserts and puddings. seeds not only provide a great amount of calcium but are also rich sources of protein and fiber and help reduce overall body inflammation. They can be enjoyed as a snack on their own, used as toppers, or incorporated through their butter and oils such as tahini and flax oil.


Not many types of grains are considered to be high sources of calcium but in actuality, some forms of grains contain a rarely significant amount of calcium. These grains are not the most typical and often have to be sort after but amaranth and teff are both great sources of calcium and are actually naturally gluten-free. They can be used as a base for many varieties of dishes and are packed full of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Teff can also be added to porridge or used as a thickener in stews and soups and amaranth is the perfect calcium-rich rice replacement.

how to get calcium as a vegan

As you can see there are plenty of vegan foods high in calcium that are so easily accessible to can be incorporated into your already established diet without much effort at all. This makes it possible for vegans to get all if not more calcium than that which typically comes from animal and dairy products and thus you can ensure you’re able to maintain a healthy body, strong and well-developed bones, and a flourishing immune system.

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